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(this is not my picture and it is from war dogs i was wondering how is it possible that the charecters are in the mirror and their bodies arent showing i have all the overlays made but i have no idea how its possible to do that can someone help me please ?

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You have make them as seperate overlays

how would i place them? so the bodies of the charecters dont show?and does the background have to be an overlay?

how would i place them?

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To me it seems that there is no background but it’s all overlays possible on the plain black background.

I believe the overlay on layer 1 would be the car interior

the crying lady should be on layer 2 and she’s spot directed to be smaller

Next comes the guy and his chair in the reflection

the chair overlay is on layer 3 and the the guy reflection is on layer 4

the you have the car and the blurred background, for that to work it would all have to be one overlay and that would be on layer 5

Finally you have the guy the on that is rear, and the focal point of the shot he is just doing a rear animation, his body isn’t actually doing anything :upside_down_face:

Let me know if you’re confused or need anymore help

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thank you i will see if it works


no problem

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so basically, you would place both characters in the car seat background as usual. then, you would place the car rear view mirror overlay on top of the background, covering the lower body of both characters. lastly, you would add a clone character or overlay of the driver and place it on top of the mirror overlay. you would have to adjust the zoom of the background in order for it to fit in the mirror, & adjust the size of the overlay as well.

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i have to go sleep since its currently late i will check with you tomorrow if its fine with you

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