[Closed] Alathea's Outfits and Characters! (LL and Ink)

DISCLAIMER: This is closed for now, due to school

Here you can ask me for Ink or Limelight characters for background characters in your story! I’ll add character details, screenshots, and outfits. You can ask for a specific “vibe” as well.

I’m doing this because I know who annoying it can be to create background characters that don’t all look the same :crazy_face:

(Also this is free, hopefully that was obvious lol)

Reply to this with your details and I’ll respond as quickly as possible!

Ink Characters

Limelight Characters

Ink Outfits


Limelight Outfits


Can you make me 3 girls there in their 19-22 age range and they live in FL so hot summer weather clothes and about 7 guys same details all LL

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Yeah, I can do that. I’ll send them asap😁

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Hey!!!Can you make me 1 female character and one male character?The female is confident and the male is in his 30’s

Thank you so much :blush:

Here are your characters:


Character Details (girls)

#1.) Rochelle:
Body: neutral 08
Brow: Arched natural (deep brown)
Hair: Medium Shoulder Curly Bun Hair (brown black)
Eyes: deepset almond (brown dark)
Face: square defined
Nose: round broad
Mouth: Full Flat Top Pouty (red garnet matte)

#2.) Rose:
Body: neutral 03
Brow: arched natural scar (black dark)
Hair: Short messy ponytail (black dark)
Eyes: round downturned wide (hazel)
Face: Heart defined
Nose: grecian soft
Mouth: full heart pouty (neutral medium nude matte)

#3.) Serah:
Body: copper 02
Brow: arched natural (deep brown)
Hair: Messy sock bun (blonde medium)
Eyes: round medium (blue deep)
Face: diamond
Nose: round broad
Mouth: full round pouty (pink warm gloss)

Character Details (boys)

#1.) Avian
Body: copper 04
Brows: male generic (light brown)
Hair: Short Side Part Curly (light brown)
Eyes: deepset downturned (deep blue)
Face: male generic
Nose: male generic
Lips: Medium Straight Natural (neutral medium nude matte)
#2.) Troy
Body: rose 10
Brows: Round thick (black jet)
Hair: dreads loose medium shoulder hair (brown black)
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Lidded (brown black)
Face: Square Jaw Roundcheek Stubble
Nose: round wide
Lips: full heart natural (rose dark nude matte)
#3.) Charles:
Body: Gold 01
Brows: round medium (black dark)
Hair: messy undercut (black dark)
Eyes: monolid slender brown black
Face: diamond soft
Nose: grecian narrow
Lips: Medium Straight Natural (beige gold matte)

#4.) Gabriel:
Body: Rose 05
Brows: straight medium scar (blackjet)
Hair: wavy long (blackjet)
Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Smiling (blue deep)
Face: square long jaw shadow
Nose: button round
Lips: medium heart (beige deep natural)
**#5.)Tristan: **
Body: copper 02
Brows: straight medium (dark brown)
Hair: curly mohawk (dark brown)
Eyes: male generic (green emerald)
Face: chiseled angular stubble
Nose: straight pointed
Lips: medium straight natural (neutral medium nude matte)
#6.) Carter
Body: neutral 08
Brows: furrowed straight s (blackjet)
Hair: manbun (black jet)
Eyes: sloping heavy lid (brown dark)
Face: diamond soft
Nose: round wide
Lips: full heart natural (rose medium nude matte)
#7.) Lucas:
Body: neutral 01
Brows: arched medium (ginger red)
Hair: medium side curls (ginger red)
Eyes: male generic (hazel)
Face: square long jaw stubble
Nose: button mide
Lips: medium straight natural (pink peach medium matte)

I hope you like them! :blob_hearts:

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Sure! Limelight or Ink?



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Can I get 4 girls and 5 guys? And can they be in INK? They are all 17-18 years old, they live in California. I don’t know if that helps…

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Okay! I get them to you later today :smile:

Absolutely, I’ll have them done in a few hours :smile:

Thank you!!! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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OMG yesss could you maye make me about 5 guys LL they’re in their eary 20’s (20-24)… (more if you’d like lol) but they live in LA so like nice summer clothes I guess… If it’s too much I get it!!!

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Can I get five girls and five guys. They all live in New York and are in there twenty’s.

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Thank you so much I love them

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Here are your characters!


Character Details

#1.) Lucinda:
Body: neutral 04
Brows: arched natural (black dark)
Hair: over shoulder braid (black dark)
Eyes: female generic (blue green)
Face: diamond
Nose: grecian soft
Lips: full round pouty (red deep gloss)
#2.) Aaron:
Body: Gold 02
Brows: Arched Medium (dark brown)
Hair: Long top messy curls (dark brown)
Eyes: deepset heavy lid (hazel)
Face: triangle chiseled scruffy beard
Nose: button wide
Lips: medium straight natural (fair medium matte)

I’ll get right to it, thank you for the request :smile:

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Hey! Can I have 2 characters?
Style: LL(Lime Light)
Gender(s): Male and Female

Info about the characters you are creating

They need to look like parents.

Their kids


Hi. :slight_smile:
I need 3 girls and 4 boys please. :slight_smile:

2 girls should look like “rich kids”, but not too arrogant, cause they are actually pretty nice girls, lol. ( Age 18+19)
And one girl is just a background character ( age 18-20 )
The boys are totally up to you. :smiley: ( Age 18-22 )

All in LL please. <3

Here are your characters, I hope you like them!


Screenshot_2019-08-10%20Characters%2C%20Outfits%2C%20etc%20Edit%20Characters(12) Screenshot_2019-08-10%20Characters%2C%20Outfits%2C%20etc%20Edit%20Outfits(4) Screenshot_2019-08-10%20Characters%2C%20Outfits%2C%20etc%20Edit%20Characters(13)

Character Details

#1.) Xavier:
Body: rose 10
Brows: round thick (black jet)
Hair: Dreads Long Loose Bun (black dark)
Eyes: Deepset Heavy Lid (brown black)
Face: chiseled angular
Nose: round wide
Lips: full heart natural (brown deep rose)
#2.) Ray:
Body: neutral 03
Brow: round medium (light brown)
Hair: Medium Waves Natural (light brown)
Eyes: male generic (hazel)
Face: square long jaw stubble
Nose: male generic
Lips: medium straight natural (neutral medium nude matte)
#3.) Oscar:
Body: neutral 06
Brow: round thick (black jet)
Hair: man bun (black dark)
Eyes: deepset downturned (brown black)
Face: chiseled angular stubble
Nose: round wide
Lips: full heart natural (tan deep natural)
#4.) Laurence:
Body: copper 03
Brow: male generic (light brown)
Hair: curly mohawk (blonde medium)
Eyes: male generic (brown dark)
Face: diamond soft
Nose: male generic
Lips: medium straight natural (beige rose)
#5.) Axel:
Body: copper 02
Brow: arched medium (black jet)
Hair: slicked back solid (black jet)
Eyes: monolid slender (blue deep)
Face: diamond soft
Nose: hooked grecian
Lips: medium staight natural (beige deep natural)

Sorry for the delay, I got busier than I expected to be today.

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