(CLOSED) Anyone want a free, simple, character edit?

NEW: In simple terms, I am currently no longer taking requests. However… I’ve created a model form! Since I’m really only able to edit in my downtime at the moment and I’ve been trying out some new things, I feel that it’s best for me to do things this way. If I use your character in an edit, I will post it and tag you here as well as on Instagram if possible. You are welcome to use these edits as profile photos, etc. as long as you credit me!

Hello! If you’re new here, I had initially opened this thread for practice, but… it blew up! So I guess this works more like an art shop now. I’ve been making profile photos, profile headers, story covers, and other multi-character edits. Just started making character cards as well!

Some things to note:

  • Please do not request an edit from me if you have requested or will request the same edit from someone else. Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean you need it!
  • Only make one request at a time! I can make you another one once your first edit has been completed, as long as my requests are still open.

Profile photos

Profile headers (desktop)

Profile headers (mobile)

Story covers

Other multi-character edits

Character cards

Once you let me know what kind of edit you want from the list above, show me your character and/or give me a list of their features and outfit items, what kind of background and pose you want, and if you want any text or other extras!

For character cards, please give me a colour and a vibe rather than a background, and let me know what name you want on the card.

I can do custom poses, piercings, outfits and hairstyles so feel free to request one as long as it’s not super complicated. And if you don’t want to specify something here that’s totally fine, I can come up with it for you!

Lastly, credit is appreciated! :revolving_hearts:

You can credit me in your bio if you use my edit as a profile photo or header. If it’s a story cover, please credit me if/when you show the cover in your story or at the end of your chapters. If you want to post an edit that I made for you on Instagram, tag me! My username is the same as it is here. I will add a small watermark to the character cards, so you don’t have to credit me every time you send them to someone.

UPDATED: Do you have Instagram?

Yes! My account finally got re-activated! You can find me here :heart:

What do you use to edit?

I make my edits on my laptop, so I use Sketchpad - Draw, Create, Share! for arranging custom poses, and Photo Editor : Pixlr X - free image editing online for everything else.

What if I don't like the edit you made me?

That’s okay! Just be nice about it :slight_smile:

Here are some things that I can change: backgrounds, filters, overlay effects, text
Some things I cannot change: outfits, animations

Since I can't pay you, how can I support you?

If you really want to support me, the best thing you could do is check out my stories! You can find their information and links here.

Thank you guys, you’re all so sweet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@/Raitlyn DONE
@/M_H_C_Episode (3 separate characters, practice) 1/3 DONE
@/PrincessAnu DONE
@/cloudynix DONE
@/Dragon (2 characters, practice) DONE
@/CarbiD DONE
@/JemU776 (practice)
@/Arsenal DONE
@/na1 DONE
@/Mare DONE
@/Abducted DONE
@/Ash_Jas DONE
@/Achu1 DONE
@/Akanksha.writes DONE
@/Faith.episode.cats (1 character, 2 characters) DONE
@/SaraSantini DONE
@/Anna_Marie DONE
@/Naoba DONE
@/p.i.s.c.e.s DONE
@/madsepi71 DONE
@/Adorablxheron (profile header) DONE
@/jspencer (profile header) DONE
@/ChrissyG DONE
@/Athena_writess (story cover) DONE
@/madsepi pt. 2 (profile header) DONE
@/nayu.ep (practice) DONE
@/madsepi pt. 3 (story cover) DONE
@/Ash_Jas pt. 2 (profile header) DONE
@/Raitlyn pt.2 (profile header) DONE
@/Sunset_Shimmer DONE
@/jspencer pt. 2 DONE
@/SelenaKnight3101 DONE
@/PrincessAnu pt. 2 DONE
@/Faith.episode.cats pt. 3 (2 characters) DONE
@/Achu1 pt.2 (story cover) DONE
@/Unknown_writer DONE
@/Sky_writesepi (2 characters) DONE
@/Yoshi (profile header) DONE
@/ciaraxoxoc (profile header) DONE
@/CarbiD pt. 2 (story cover) DONE
@/Louise_stories (profile header) DONE
@/PrincessAnu pt. 3 (profile header) DONE
@/Unknown_writer pt. 2 (story cover) DONE
@/Sophia.Epi DONE
@/maria.episode DONE
@/maria.episode pt. 2 (profile header) DONE
@/Naoba pt. 2 (story cover) DONE
@/Kat.epi (3 characters)
@/Unknown_writer (character card) DONE
@/Mads.writes (character card) DONE
@/Arielle_M (character card) DONE
@/april_episode (character card) DONE
@/Faye_ep (2 character cards) DONE
@/coffeeshopstories DONE
@/Raitlyn pt. 3 DONE
@/Isabella.write DONE
@/Unknown_writer DONE
@/Mer1011 (2 characters) DONE
@/Achu1 (2 character cards) DONE
@/Faith.episode.cats (2 characters) DONE
@/Isabella.write (2 characters) DONE
@/Vi_epii (profile header) DONE

To notify of reopening


Let me know if you want to be added to this list!


The clothes can be high waisted jeans and a flannel shirt with the rose chest tattoo. Any pose and bg is fine :slightly_smiling_face:


That was so fast! I’ll come up with something, thanks :slight_smile:


Here’s some characters you can use (:


Any background/pose/etc…Your free to go completely wild (:


U can use mine :)) :grin::grin:


They’re beautiful! Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you!!


Your welcome (:

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Hi! would i be able to give you my character details?

skin- neutral 03
face- diamond
eyes- deepset dow turned (blue green)
eyebrows- arched natural (medium brown)
nose- defined natural
lips- full heart (peach beige matte)
hair- dirty blonde princess wave braid

outfit- anything !

thank you :slight_smile:


You can use my characters for practice if you want:)


You can practice a double character edit… you can try something fantasy (my favorite thing to edit tbh), just do anything you want with them.


Of course! Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! That’s a good idea, I will try :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


skin - neutral 3
face define diamond
eyes generic blue green
hair black wavy princess braid
mouth full round color plum matte
nose button
high arch angled black eyebrows
tattoo Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid
Snake And Rose Tattoo Ink Multicolor
Floral Heart Chest Tattoo Solid
Beauty Mark Mole Cheek
Wrapped Zipper Leather Black
Ankle Tied Strappy Heels Leather Black
Strapped V Neck Bralette Cotton Grey Black
Choker Bow String Lace Black
Thank you :kissing_closed_eyes:


Sounds good!!


Just finished yours! :slight_smile:


You can use my details to practice if you’d like :yay:

My Limelight details:

Character detail card created by the wonderful FlowerGriefer :chef: :blob_sun:


Thanks! :slight_smile:


It’s adorable! Thank you :blush:


No problem! Glad you like it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Here’s mine, you’re free to do whatever you want with it! I don’t mind :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks ~