Ya heard me ladies and gentleman. I do stuff. Request in replies and I’ll create them for u! :heart:
Note: It’s best to ask in Ink as Limelight’s skin coloring is complex



Hey, they look really good :slight_smile:

Can you do a overlay where the character is aiming with a sniper ?


Definetly bookmarking this thread! The overlays you’ve made actually look really good!

Making simple covers

Hey, can you do an overlay where someone is hugging another character if i send you the pic of them?


I need the details ladies. PM me.


I’m not requesting but they look really good! :smile:


Could I request a character holding a hand gun?
These look amazing.


There’s already an animation for that, if you want something different you need to go in details. :wink:


I know that sorry I wasn’t detailed enough my bad :blush:

I was thinking something where they’re holding the handgun across their stomach.


Send me details in PMs, I’ll try to.


And it’s ok. :slight_smile:


Cool! Can I request something…

well I’d like 2 characters hugging each other like its there last time together

And the background is just campus school background. The characters look like this

And then the girl…


Looks like this

But if you can I’d like her no wearing a swimsuit just like a rebel style clothing

Thank you!


What kind of hugging, which one is rear? Or do I just do it by my desire?


Your desire


What hairstyle is that?


It’s called “Straight”


No no, his hair.


Oh it’s called “Long Bangs” I think, yeah.


Here’s your overlay.

PM me if you pictured something else or want something removed/added.