{CLOSED} Art needed for an unpublished story!

Hey there!

I’m working on a story which is not published. I don’t plan on publishing it for another few weeks, but I would really like some good art for the covers (On large, one small, and a screen size). It wouldn’t be complicated, I would like a cute edit of my characters with the title. When my story is published, the artist will get FULL credit for their art (I would put a reader message above the cover in the beginning of each episode).
Here is the info for my story:

Title: Street Rat
Author: Emma E. L.

These are my main characters. they have a complicated romantic relationship. If you need more context, just message me!

Images of my characters in multiple poses below:

I WANNA DO IT PLEASE!!! @ChayChay @brionyelizabeth @BadassSaasha @Brooke_Johnson


send the details and i will do it

wanna do it

I started just send the titles

@EpisodeStudio are amazing Hun, they’ve done all mine! The girls are absolutely fab and I will do you a story review as well if you’d like :heart:


I can do it as well :revolving_hearts: he’s on example of my art just pm me xx


need examples



theres more

You girls would be amazing at this!

wanna do it @X_Ellie.Marie_X since you didn’t do any request also does are my group examples

Yeh i would love to do this cover art just tell me what you want @emmael :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:



I said it first! And I was already working so I would appreciate…

Some of these don’t belong to you, that’s stealing.


Thanks!! I’ll let you know once I release it, I’m estimating around the beginning of July. :slight_smile:

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I said its my group work

I said this

wanna do it @X_Ellie.Marie_X since you didn’t do any request also does are my group examples

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No problem Hun! I’d definitely recommend @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE though her work is amazing xx

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Actually, @LeMademoisselle made it, and she’s in our group.

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