~~~~~~~Closed art shop~~~~~~

Hey, I would like to request for an edit is it still open please :))?

Yeps, still open!

Can I have two edits if that is possible I would like an intro and a outro! Thank you!

do you want me to dm my details?

u can either drop those here or on dm
whichever u prefer!

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Okayy I will dm you!

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Did you get my dm?

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Hey, thank you so much by the way :)) I would like to request from you @Tesbie28 an edited poster(-ich) :)).


Character Details
Body: Male Soft Body (Rose 02)
Eyebrowns: Round Soft (Dark Brown)
Hair: Generic Short (Dark Brown)
Eyes: Wide Almond Deep (Brown Pale)
Face: Square Aged
Nose: Hooked Grecian
Mouth: Full Lower Lip Sharp (Fair Neutral Matte)

Outfit Details
Bomber Jacket Vest Tie Combo Leather
Slacks Casual Fitted Wool Complex Color (Brown True)
Chelsea Ankle Boots Pull Tab Leather Brown Tan

I would like it PNG.

Reference pose
I want the to blink as well :))

Can it also have a text saying ‘Our school gives each of our students the best opportunity and future!’ And maybe yellow stars as well around the character, please.


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All requests spots are taken now!
Commissions- 2/5 taken [2 are taken]

yess! requests are closed now! :smiling_face: will open soon

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Noooo :face_holding_back_tears:

I’ll just put my request here:(


@thewhitenotebook.episode 1



Emily - Baggy Hoodie and Shirt Cotton Black, Athletics Loose Workout Pants Denim Grey Black, Contractor Boots Leather Grey Black
Liam - Color Block Hoodie Jacket Polyester, Canvas Shoes With Socks Canvas Brown, Frayed Denim Joggers Denim Black


it may take 20 days!!

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its okie, i can wait for your amazing work!

hehe… thanks! :sweat_smile:

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I am cancelling EVERY request!!
And won’t take any request from now on!!

:slightly_smiling_face: yeah, I am black hearted!! :black_heart: As I got yo know this world is really cruel :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, if I wasted your time by taking your request :slightly_smiling_face: but I really can’t!! :slightly_smiling_face:

maybe I just need time… maybe I just need my brain off of things… I am going through a rough time and everything seems like pointed on me… so, I really cant


Hey, I would like a free art of a map, tell me if you’re unable to do this, but I want a map that looks more like a map from a video game. I could give out some examples and say what I need my map to look like after you either accept or decline.

I was looking for a map that looks like one of these maps:

I don’t need the dots indicating places you can find something or anything, I’ll add those myself, I just need a simplistic map like this with no houses but plenty of roads and stuff
Could you do that for free?

I dont understand what you didnt understand from my above post… I AM NOT TAKING ANY TYPE OF REQUEST!! :relaxed:

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Oh I didn’t see that, sorry

No problem! :heart:

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Its totally fine hun.

Just take a break, looks like u really need it…

yes lol the world is really cruel

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