~~~~~~~Closed art shop~~~~~~

Hey, this base is great.Could the rivers not be outlined with the black ink? That’s all :slight_smile:

Oh… okay I will remove the outline then! :sweat_smile:

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Hey! @Audacious_Writer
Done with your request!
I hope you like it!
I wasn’t sure what kind of paint brush u wanted … so I added both.

drawing paiting brush

Wall painting brush

If you want me to make any type of changes then let me know! :blush:


Ah! I love both! Thank you so much! How should I credit you?

@/tessa_art.28 on insta.! :smiling_face:

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New examples!!

I hope you like it!! :smile:


New art example!!

Map requests and edit requests are unavailable because my laptop isn’t working.

If map requesters want to cancel their rqst then they can… If they want the map soon.

@Lxyi @Kande10


i just wait when ever laptop is fix and working for map request @Tesbie28

Thanks you for reminder @Tesbie28 for letting me knowing

No problem… and sorry for the trouble… :sweat_smile:

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It’s okay it can wait, take your time. Thanks :slight_smile:

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OMG dis is amazinggg!!! Im sooo glad u are backkk

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Thanku so much! hopefully, I won’t regret coming back🙃

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New examples!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush:

Do not trace or re-post!! :slightly_smiling_face:


u never disappoint with ur art :hugs:

Thank you so much! :pleading_face:

As well. Edits request is open now.

Getting my laptop tonight lol… finally but maps requests are closed for now bcz I can deal with only 2 at the moment. :relaxed:


it ok . I understand :hugs: :hugs:


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Hi @Tesbie28

I have a question how much Edits request do you have ?

Also when will maps request will be open for me and @Lxyi ?

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I quite didn’t get what u meant… by it…
If you mean like how many character I can edit in an edit then It would be 3-4 characters :blush:
Only 2 slots are available right now

I am working on the maps right now. :blush:


Thank youu <3