~~~~~~~Closed art shop~~~~~~

New examples!!
I will remove my old examples from my main topic bcz my style have changed alot! :blush::relaxed:


woww! ur talent :heart_eyes:

Let me know if u want me to change something



Aww !! Thanku so much :heart:

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Omg Tysm I LOVE it I will def be coming back to request more but can you change his pose and not make him look shy if that makes since if u cant i totally get I will still come back to request :hearts:


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There u go!


Hey, I really would like to request an edit and map. Is there still any empty slot left and if there is, can I PM you my request plz or if there isn’t can I be tagged when there is space :))

Hey, My rqsts will be open on this 29 :relaxed:

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@Tesbie28 thank you so much I might use both but its perfect

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Wow these are really pretty ! Great improvement <33

I’m not exactly sure how i want my covers to look so don’t know how much it would cost. Should i tell you about my story first and then you can tell me what you think would be good price wise?

Sure! :heart:
Just dm me or explain your pose or your story so I can recommend u some poses :thinking:

Thanku so much! :smiley:
I’m still improving! :relaxed:

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Hey, I am so sorry… I took so long…
I am just losing my motivation to edit… :woozy_face:


I just made a simple edit… i hope u dont mind… :upside_down_face:


ur the best!!! pls dont lose motivation cause ur wayy too talented :pensive:

Thanku so much!:heart:

I am trying to find motivation again! :blush::heart:

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New example!! :heart_eyes:

be the moon​:full_moon: in the stars :sparkles:


I couldn’t wait to share it here :laughing:


omgggg!! the glowww!

Thanku so much!! :smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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