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Lol its been more than a year since I created this thread :flushed:

No, I didnt increased the prices just added full body art price! :revolving_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (As I recently started drawing full body art)



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Hey, I’d like to request a map. Is there a form to fill out or what details do I need to say? :sweat_smile:

THE DRESS OMG WOWW :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

No there is no form… For anything :sweat_smile:

I will just need a rough sketch (hand drawn) and some explanation what u need there. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Thanku so much!!! :revolving_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for bumping! :grin::eyes:

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Bumpppp! Hey love, been awhile since we talked! :blob_hearts:

Thanks :eyes:

And yes, its been long

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Yoo, I’m in need of a cover edit, (just two characters to be edited in, I already have the background and title


Guy pose

Girl pose

character deets


Body: male athletic GOLD 02
Brows: arched medium BLACK
Hair: undercut short straight texture ASH BLONDE
Eyes: deepest heavy lid SILVER
Face: square sculpted cleft chin
Nose: straight flat
Lips: medium heart BEIGE ROSE


Skin: gold 02
Brows: arched natural scar BLACK DARK
hair: long down wavy princess braid COOL DARK BROWN
Eyes: heavy lid upturned HAZEL
face: square chiseled cheekbones
Nose: pointed downturned
Lips: full round flat top skin ROSE LIGHT NUDE MATTE


leather performance shorts, smart watch bangle metal silver, beauty mark mole cheek, bralette top deep v lace red rose, scar across nose (08-10) nose stud silver, cherry back tatto ink red, pace maker scar, leg bruise purple


Hoop earring silver red black, chain accessories ripped jeans denim black, figaro chain necklace silver, skull and stars chest tatto, tribal ark tatto, scar across nose 08-10x, pace maker scar

Extra information

Make the guy bigger not way TOO much tho, you don’t want it looking like those way too heavily influenced by wattpad, written by 12 years olds, episode stories LMFAO. (Also include his legs obviously, cause the pose reference doesn’t have them.

-make them look at eachother and both slightly smirk
-make her hair messier and wavier, and add some hair strands on the guy
-include cuts on both characters you pick where





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Bump~. :revolving_hearts:
New example :grin:
Girl wearing a rose petals dress :wilted_flower::rose:

my 1st dtiys


Can u give the bg?
Or should I use the same bg with the text on it?

As well it will be ready in 2-3 days :v:t2:

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Use this one



Also, perfect thank you

All the best

I never tried adding clothing details bcz When I tried it first… it turned out worst.
But I tried it again after a year and I think it turned out good? :woman_shrugging:t2::upside_down_face:

I am starting to add more details in my future arts :grin::relaxed: so, hopefully they will turn out good as well? dont use or own it as your own. Its a commissioned work :woozy_face:

as well there is an edit contest going on in my insta. :relaxed:If u want to win arts and edit from me then u r more than welcome :heart::v:t2:


lemme correct u over there…it turned out GREAT!

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Hey, sorry
I had to go out for a few days.
I tried my best with the edit… And tried to make it how to wanted it to be… I hope u like it


Hai!! Can i pay for a cover and a pfp :blush:

Uhmm… sure?
If u want to commission then plz dm for the details and your art info. :v:t2:
We can talk in private :v:t2:

Nvm found someone else tyyy ^-^

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