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Hello! I’m Becca and I want to help you guys make some overlays. I make the overlays using Pixlr Editor and completely for free! I will get everything done as fast as possible and I can do LL or Ink.

What I do:
:blob_hearts: Overlays
:blob_hearts: Character cards
:blob_hearts: Splashes


  • I can make overlays with multiple of images (see below for examples)
  • You can use the examples below
    Please credit me via my IG: Becca.epwrites
  • I have the right to decline a request, this will most likely be if I find it too difficult.
  • I can make different variations of character cards like how you request!
  • Yep, I can do multiple of overlays, character cards and splashes :blush:
    Thank you for checking this out!

Overlay examples

A phone with no signal (using multiple of images):

A book with sparkles over it:

Water Splash:

A hand with beer silhouette:

A chair:
More to come

Character card examples

Splashes examples. Please don't use any from below as they are personally made for others. I can do splashes according to your preference!


:pencil2: :pencil2: :pencil2: :pencil2: :pencil2: :pencil2: :pencil2: :pencil2:
How to request (optional templates):
:strawberry: Overlay(s): :strawberry:
What you would like:
Provide an image if you have one
Extra information

:pear: Character cards: :pear:
Image of your character and your character’s details.
How you would like your character card e.g. each body part cropped out with an arrow linking back to the main photo and then the details. Basically, anything you have in mind :blush:
Extra information:

:strawberry: Splashes: :strawberry:
What text would you like?
Any backgrounds/images you want me to include?
Description of what you would like it to look like

Working on:
None as of now (:
Open slots left as of now:
Sources used:

  • Google Images
  • Pinterest
  • Pixlr Editor

Can i request TONS of fantasy story overlays?
I need:
White wolf overlays
Black wolf overlays
Grey wolf overlays
Glow overlays
Glowing eyes overlays

I can definitely try to get them all done by today. Are there any certain photos you want me to work with for the overlays? I want to make sure you’ll be 100% satisfied with the overlays :blush:

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great shop omg!!! she makes amazing overlays, is super nice & sweet, and is just amazing overall! would definitely recommend!! :blob_hearts:

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Alright! I’ll message you with what I have :blush:

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Okie dokie thank you in advance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Can I have that phone one?

Of course you can! Here’s a phone with signal instead if it works better for you since the overlay I uploaded above doesn’t have any signal. Thank you for using my overlays and don’t forget to credit my IG (@becca.ep) anywhere on the epiosde which you use it in :blush:


thank you!

Can i have chair overlay

Sure! Can you send me a photo of a chair you want me to work with in messages? Thank you!

Hey @Rebecca.A I am requesting two overlays
first one
a hand (most like a limp) with a bottlebeer bottle shadow overlay (you can use black color like silhoute for this)its a shadow like i hope you get my idea

second one
its a knife overlay
thanks in advance lmk if you need any information

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Sure! I’ll work on them today and message them to you later when done :blush:

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hey rebecca can i request three more overlay (three overlays are same) a speechbubble says no
first speechbubble in the place of character name put SRAVS in next speechbubble name GRACE and at last third speechbubble name ANGEL
All speechbubble says ‘whatttt’

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episode speech bubble blue type or anything else

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Of course! I’ll send them to you through messages when they’re done :blush:

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Just to clarify, three overlays which are the episode blue speech bubble colour. One overlay is named SRAVS, the second is named GRACE and the third is named Angel. All speech bubbles say ‘whatttt’?
Overlays which are like speech bubbles right?

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yes the speech bubble we see in stories

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