Closed Beta Feedback Form


Hello! Thank you for taking your time to take a look at the first version of the forums! We would love to hear your feedback!

Key points of observation:

  • Navigation from the home screen and organization of the subforms - can you find where you want to go?
    • Example: “If you’re looking to find the general chat, where would you go?”
  • Can set up profile w/o issue
  • Can post in threads, create topics, etc, w/o issue
  • General use feels - using it in the way you’d want to/in all the ways you want to
  • As a new member where would you go to get started in writing and get to the portal?
  • Anything you’d like to be able to do that you couldn’t figure out how to do?


Excellent feedback so far! Thank you!

Re: the menu cut-off – We’re working on a fix now! Thank you!


That was a fast fix!! Looks great so far!


@Trinady Hey :heart:! I sent another feedback about images/gifs. I’m not sure if it went through because when I clicked submit I didn’t get a confirmation page. When I posted the art style poll I had a cute puppy gif that displayed perfectly, hours later the gif’s url link appeared in its place stating in parenthesis: “the image is too large, Greater than blah blah KB.” So I had to replace it with another image. So it’s like the image displays at first and then decides that it’s too large later on.


We think it may be a caching issue with the site. Possibly due to our site being private right now. (There’s also a memory limit for certain gifs/images. The work around would be to save it directly, then uploading!)

We’re looking into it more! Thank you! :slight_smile:


@Langdon it doesn’t appear your feedback was received in the doc. Go ahead and submit if you can! Thank you!


@Trinady is there going to be a Writer’s Room when the forums are released to the public? I wasn’t sure where to ask this and didn’t think it was worth submitting feedback for :slight_smile: . Also, thanks for the fix! The site looks a lot better now! :grinning:


The Writer’s Room will still exist in it’s current form (invite-only). The Writer’s Community will be the destination for all other writers to come together and collaborate. :slight_smile:

I’m glad the fix was able to be deployed so quickly. :smiley:


@Trinady @Jeremy I haven’t seen any glitches so far so there’s not really much feedback I can offer per se, but can I ask if there’s a follow option available where you can follow/subscribe to authors/members on the forums? I don’t see any “follow/subscribe” button at the moment so I was just wondering! :kissing:


We’re working on getting an option like that in the future! Currently, there’s options to subscribe to topics, sub-categories and categories, however. And there’s Messaging available, too.


Oops, I sent the same suggestion on the feedback form on the google form before I saw this! :sweat_smile: Thanks for the response! :laughing:


No worries! Thank you for your feedback!


(Feedback) I think that the website design is too small and that makes it difficult to read threads and to write replies.
:raising_hand_woman:t3: But besides that, I really like the new forums.


Hey guys! I am really proud to see Episode grow and have their own personalized forums. Woot woot! Here are some suggestions.

-Intertwined links (being able to insert links into words in your posts). So far this is my only must have, I really hate having to post full links.
-Comments being A LOT more easy to tell from the original post. Maybe keep that tinted purple color that exists for 3 seconds before going white.
-Different font sizes
-Different colors
-Different fonts, or the option to upload our own fonts

Other than that, I really love

-the ‘blur spoiler’ feature
-the loading not being ridiculous (this was a huge problem with vBulletin)
-we can actually upload pictures without going through some funky process!
-I didn’t even notice this until literally as I’m typing this but the fact that we can see the preview of our post right next to where we’re typing.


Going back I realized that we do have intertwined links so I apologize for that! We were supposed to insert the link after we typed the words in the last forum while in this forum you’re supposed to do both at the same time, so that’s why I was confused! THANK YOU FOR THIS.


I fully support this! I miss the different fonts/font sizes/colors the most.


Thank you! Some things I really like are how clean and pretty these forums are. The speed is amazing, and I’m so glad there isn’t a 10 character rule anymore! I love the emojjiis, there are so many to use now! I like how we can put a poll in any post, I was actually going to make a feature request for that sometime. I love how you can change your name, and see who is replying.

Something that is slightly disappointing is that there are no pages. Scrolling can be so hard, especially on my phone, where I do not have the sidebar. And getting to certain pages (page 100, 200, 300, etc) can be such cool milestones! The other thing is that the comments look like regular posts, and me, and many other formers don’t like this and try not to do comments anymore, since all the extra post lookong comments make Roleplay look a little lottle messy. I would appreciate it if maybe comments looked somewhat like how they used to? I also like seeing which forumerd are active, and it looks like I can’t…yet. Maybe this will be added later.

My only other thing is the inability to change font color, type, and size. But these are small things that I am sure you guys will add in soon.

I apreciate you reading this, and hope you guys can fix some of these. Thank you so much for listening! :kissing_heart::grin:


Hmm… it’s getting cluttery when comments to the posts are not rolling back. This feature in the old forum was better. I fully support this! Also, I would love to see who’s online and jump from page to page.


Same! I’m glad we agree, and hope this happens! :smiley:


Okay, since I said some things earlier I’d like to add a bit more.

I really like these features:
-a lot of free edit sites I use blur images a bit, so I found it refreshing that uploading images here seems to sharpen them.
-there is no delay in uploading or browsing

However, here are some suggestions:
-yes, the colors give a fresher look. But even though I don’t have any sensitivity to light, it still hurts my eyes after a while (so imagine it for people who do). Consider adding a night mode.
-I only noticed this recently because of the progression of posts, but having one huge scroll instead of pages? If the speed is as fast as it is, adding pages shouldn’t be a problem!
-already said this, but I’ll say it again for emphasis, please make it easier to tell apart replies and comments. Not only are replies and posts the same color and length, but if a new reply has come after the first one, they won’t even be next to each other!
-I realize you’re trying to seem a bit more professional and I respect that, but I would really hate for the forums to turn into strictly-Episode content (and plus it’s only one section of the forums that won’t be!). When I started waaaaay back in the day, the randomness was the thing that kept me for so long.