[CLOSED] Can somebody make me a splash?

I need a splash and it will take a lot of work. Can someone do it for me?

Do you still need the splash?

If you’re willing to make it.

The arts crew can!

If you still need someone!

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Hey! The link doesn’t work

Oh ok thanks I will edit it!

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Does it work now?

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I think @Penny2 was going to make it.

Ok if they don’t let us know.:grinning:

Alright, I will!

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Yup! What’s it for?

Let me get this together. If I’m not here in a few minutes, I’m typing.

Can I see examples of you’re work first?

My link was not working so I asked her to check if I fixed it!:smiley:

Oh, okay!
Can this splash say “Save Me, Hero!.” with an exclamation point on the end.

I would like this character to be in the middle of the screen, but only her upper half so the words will be above her. Can she be doing the animation flirt_wink_forward
And I would like there to be little capes and masks around her.

The background please.

If you have any questions, I’ll answer them!

Okay! I’d be happy to do the splash! I’ll start it now!
:sparkling_heart: :sparkles:

Can you write out the details?

Of the character?