{CLOSED}Can Someone do a Realistic Art Scene For me?


Hi I’m in need for a realistic art scene for a story a group of mine is writing. I would like it sorta to look like the Art Scenes in The Teacher (Limelight). I do realize that most arent that talented but i dont want it to look like it was poorly drawn. As along as it doesnt look like a barely-skilled art piece

If you think you could help I’m willing to have a few people doing it and then choosing the best one/one I like. If you are up to the challenge please comment down here and I’ll pm you. <3 Zoe

I need a realistic art scene



Hello you rang


Ypur awesome at realistic art


Thank you but I’m not as close as good to the art in The teacher I wish I could draw like that but I always like the challenge


so is that a sure?


Yeah I will I can show examples if you want


mk I’ll pm you the details



nice they aren’t exactly what I’m looking for but I’d like to see what you got!


@Rac5hel how many art request do you have?


just to let you know if you’re not here to recommend someone or to try it then i really need you to talk to her somewhere else hope i dont sound rude srry <3Zoe


No its ok. I was still going to recommend @Rac5hel to you. I understand. lol


Talk to @Cassandra_Dean as well.


@Jeremy Please Close this