Closed: CelestialMoon's Art Shop


So as far as might some of you have seen, I finally became a Luxe Editor and Artist!
Because of this, I need to revamp my artshop.


If you want to request something, you now need to check out the official Instagram Website of Luxe

For more information please visit the IG page and read through the Q&A and Request Tab

  • I do not know if you are allowed to choose a specific Luxe Artist, because we all choose the requested things for ourselves, so please ask before doing so.

I am not going to take any requests here anymore because then I would totally have no time at all. Maybe (in the future), I am going to open up 3 request slots here.

•Be nice to each other

•As always don‘t steal or claim the art as your own

•Always credit me

•Don‘t request tons of drawings from me. Time is literally money for me as a student.

•Don‘t rush me with drawing it. That’s a huge nogo.

•No Drama Please.

•Try to stay on art-related topics

•You are allowed to pm me also

•As soon as I approved to draw your art, do not request the same from others, because it seems that you do not value art from us both.

How can you say thank you to me?

•By crediting me (always a must)

•By following me on my Instagram account @celestialmoon.episode.

•By mentioning me to others aka shout out typo

•By reading and sharing my story (not out yet)

•By saying thank you ^^

This would mean a lot to me :heart:

Most of my drawings are all under the Share your Arts, Edits, Resources Part 3 three.


I have the right to refuse any commissions that make me feel uncomfortable and commissions that go beyond my art skills.

  • Commissions are paid requests
  • Commissions still need to follow the basic rules,

I am not going to draw:

  • Humanoids
  • Furries (Humans with Animalistic Features are fine)
  • Any kind of Fetish
  • Gore or High Violence
  • Self-harm or Suicide
  • Mecha
  • Nakedness since its against the rules of Episode
  • Nazi or Racist Themed Pictures
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Children with Breasts (I swear don‘t even try to argue with me about it)
  • High Sexual Content of any type (Vampires are allowed though, shoutout to Damon Salvatore)

How do I ask for a commission? or write in this thread or pm me.

Please consider that a commission can take up from few days to 2 weeks, depending on difficulty and demand.

Informations I need:

Your Episode Username:

What Type? For Example Half-Body

Short Bio to your Character(s) [OPTIONAL]:


Type of Usage[OPTIONAL] : Eg. Cover -> I can add nice fonts and an Instagram if you’d like.

Type of Usage Examples [OPTIONAL]: : Eg. Cover -> You like the cover of story xy and want something similar to it.

Reference Sometimes poses are hard to explain, so a reference comes in handy that I know what you mean and don’t draw something wrong.


Screenshot of the Character:

Note: Please not be that kind of person who tries to befriend me in order to ask me to draw something for them. I want friends that value me for my character, not my art.



My Payment option is PayPal.

  • Please pay through ‘‘Goods and Services’’
  • Please do not include an address. If you put your address in the payment order, PayPal will think that physical goods have been ordered that need to be shipped, whilst art is digital and doesn’t require shipment
  • Paypal takes a fee depending on the price that is being paid. I am NOT demanding extra costs because of the fee. That’s a scam and other artists shouldn’t either.


  • Em546 :white_check_mark:
  • _haruka :white_check_mark:
  • Sophbee :white_check_mark:
  • Epy.bhaddie :white_check_mark:
  • MysteryMaker
  • CrystalKitty
  • EpyPhoenix
  • EverythingEpisode
  • LadyStrand
  • Raybadem
  • cece.episode
  • jiya.episode
  • mal.ep
  • simila100
  • Cassandra_Dean
  • Episode.stells
  • elaina.p
  • ash_writes

So to clarify for myself and others, does the ‘screenshot of the character’ mean an Episode character? Thank you :orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart:


Yes! Does not depend if Limelight or Ink, since I draw my images in my art style and don‘t do edits.


I’m back again with another question (sorry :neutral_face:) do you also do just normal portraits (not for use in a story, maybe for use of a profile picture etc.)


hello, your art is gorgeous and I’d like to request a scene like your first example (I’m not sure what type it is).
episode username: zapcatini
short bio: the character is called Hazel and she’s the love interest in my story
pose: the pose in the first example but she’s looking forward instead of up
what type: half body please, if you can’t do that, portrait is fine
I’ll be using this piece in my story as an art scene (no rush btw, and I’ll def credit you!!)
extras: could she be sitting on a chair, the background is this:


here’s the character: (tell me if you want a better picture)


thank you so much!!

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Forgot to say (gonna edit it into my post when I‘m back home , since I also want to do some Banners in this post for the aesthethic):

From time to time I might choose one person who gets an paid comission for free from me. This is going to be in form of a poll, in which I am going to choose one person. I want to be generous, but keep in mind that this is not going to be everday, because time is money.

If you don‘t want to follow this topic, you can pm me or write me here to tag you as soon as I do one of those polls.

Thanks for reading :heart:

  • Tag me if you do the free art poll
  • Pm me if you do the free art poll (optional, since I can‘t do only one choice on a poll)

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No problem! Thats what this thread is for, to ask me :blush: Yes you can use it as your profile picture. You can use it even as an custom scene, though I dont know how a portrait can be used as once. You can also edit my pictures then for an artscene, but the credit always needs to stay.

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Ah, okay, thank you! I will be back with a request soon :blush:

I can’t get over how inhumanely good your art is :confounded:

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Thank you for your request! I am going to look this week when I have time and I am going to send you a sketch so that you can tell me if the pose is fine :blush: You can also optionally send me a reference photo of a pose, so I can see what you really mean, if my sketches are not going appeal to you.


No. Requests are 100% free, Comissions are still in Work but are going to be Paid. As I might draw more I might get more comfortable and faster in drawing, so I can expand the request options.


Sure! Take your time :blush:

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My Episode username is _haruka and my forums username is of course, _haruka.

Pose and character all in one:

Sorry it’s not too clear, I don’t have access to a computer atm. Here are my details if you need them. Let me know if you need it clearer and I’ll get another picture to you tomorrow at latest.

^^ credit to @WinterMoon05

I’d like a fully coloured drawing if possible :sparkling_heart:

Half body please :star_struck:

Others please do not use. I am happy for you, @CelestialMoon to use it as an example or in your story, though.

I don’t have Instagram so cannot follow you (yes, i live under a rock) but you can be sure that I’ll tell basically everyone I know on the forums about you and your awesome artwork :smirk::laughing:

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Thanks and thats very sweet of you! I do my own artworks for my story so this is going only to be for you :blush: As the others, I am going to note it and see when i am able to send you the first prototype sketch

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Okay, thank you! I’m in no rush or urgent need of it, btw :revolving_hearts::green_heart::heartpulse: good luck!!

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AHH im so not missing this one out. You’ve always been one of my biggest inspirations and it would be a dream come true to get an art from you. I would love to request something if you don’t mind :smile:

Your Episode Username: Sophbee

Short Bio to your Character(optional): This is uh, pretty much a portrait of myself. You could say that she’s an enthusiastic, exhaustipated and classy teen.

Pose: Her head will be tilted a little bit, looking at the other side of the room. I’m so bad at explaining so here are some inspirations/references you could use ,

Credits go to the respective owners, please do not steal it

Extras: Can I have it on a transparent background? I would like to edit it a little bit, if you don’t mind :relaxed:

What type of Drawing: Full-Coloring :rainbow:

What type of view: Portrait (About shoulder length)
Are others allowed to use this art piece for their story with my permission?: I’d rather not. However, the pleasure is all mine if you ever wanna to use it as one of your examples or post it on your Instagram acc. :heartpulse:

Screenshot of the Character : I’m so sorry that the quality of the image is not the best. Just let me know and ill try to insert a better image. :sweat:


Thank you so much for doing this! You really are a generous person and a bloody talented artist :lemon: I hope you will consider doing my request and if you do, please take all the time you need :yellow_heart:

I don’t have an Instagram account myself, but I’ll be sure to give you a follow using my group’s account :star_struck:

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I wouldn’t miss this, you’re such an amazing artist and you’re so kind for doing this. Thank you for taking time to do this

Episode username: can vary :joy: Bhxddiewrites/Sapp and Bhaddie/ Bhxddie Sinner Shishtas

Short Bio Of Character: She’s a Badass teenager who has two secret lives. One during school and The other When night comes.

Pose: something like this lol

And like the exact length of that please.

Extras: if you can, can u do it in size panel 640 by 1136 if not it’s fine I’ll resize it. And outfit can it be like the outfit shown in the pose image but have it a deeper V neck. I hope I make sense. Can I have it on a transparent background btw? Oh and lol can u add the tattoo on the shoulder that shows

What Type Of Drawing: Full-coloring

**What type of View:? Portrait

Screenshot if your character:

:joy: I’ll definitely be giving your instagram a follow even if you weren’t doing this. I’ll follow you now :hugs:


Thank you! As I said I don‘t really know how much I should ask for the price :confused: So I think this is going to take some time.

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Your Episode Username: Mystery Maker

Pose: I’d like a portrait of myself being a mysterious detective with either angry or confident expression.The eyes must be looking at the left and my character should wear a detective coat like the image provided along while standing arms crossed with a gun in one hand.I hope it’s not too complicated.You are a talented artist and can do the way you like but I’d like the character to wear the same outfit.

Pose can also be like this:

Extras: can I have her holding a pistol in one hand while the other hand tugged in as if we’ve got her arms crossed.

What type of Drawing: Full-Coloring :rainbow:

What type of view: Portrait (shoulder length or half body up to you.)
Are others allowed to use this art piece for their story with my permission?: I’d rather not. However, it’s going to be good if it is used by me or you only. if you ever wanna to use it as one of your examples or post it on your Instagram acc you surely can since you have the copyrights to the piece.

Screenshot of the Character :

Thank you so much.I will be glad if you decide to do my request.

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Your examples are beautiful! :heart_eyes:

Going to answer you all after my chemistry lesson!