[CLOSED] Character Headshots Shop

Hello everyone! :star2:

I’m taking headshot requests of your Episode characters.

I will draw an outline and then color it in with flat colors. Since I’m tracing the outline off the image you’ll send me, make sure that your character has the expression that you want it to have in the headshot. It would also be helpful if you send me a good quality image.

Keep in mind that I’m a busy person and might close the thread from time to time. Hence only two slots and one waiting list. (I might be slooow… :sloth: …be patient with me.)

Difference between the slots and the waiting list:

  • Slots - guaranteed a headshot
  • Waiting list - I will ping you when there’s a slot open

Only one character per request. However, you can always make a new request after you’ve received your finished headshot.

Please fill in the form below if you would like a headshot of your character.

Image of the character:
Image/color of the background: (or no background)
Background shape: circle/square


Waiting List



Hi, could I please request one?

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Of course! :blush:

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Background: none
Background shape: circle

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Image of the character:

Image/color of the background: N/A
Background shape: Circle

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Background: None
Shape: Circle
Pls do it!

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I’ll do your next!

@EdwardNorton You’re on the waiting list
@Samantha79 I’ll try my best, but no promises :relaxed:

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The details are:
skin: copper 02
brows: Arched thick style
hair: Long straight loose solid - black
eyes: deepset turndowned - brown
face: diamond
nose: Round Button Upturned
lips: Full Round Pouty - neutral medium nude gloss

For the outfit I don’t mind anything is fine honestly :))

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Can I have one?

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I would love for you to have one! I will put you on the waiting list for now, but can’t promise anything. :blush:

Oh, I just couldn’t get the mouth right!

Anyways, here you go :relaxed: You’re free to do anything you want with it. You don’t have to credit me but I won’t protest if you would like to.

Your headshot

No I forgot the earrings! I’ll add them :sweat_smile:

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It looks amazing! Thank you!! :blush:

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Thank you for liking it! :relaxed: You’re very welcome :star2:

Here's the one with earrings


I finished your headshot! :star2:


(I wonder how I could outline the mouth in another way… :thinking::stuck_out_tongue:)

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Here is your headshot! :blush:


It was my first time using an ink reference which was kind of wierd because it is similar to the end result but still different. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love it, Thank you!

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Your drawings are so beautifull!

I would like one too


Background Color:

Background Shape:

Thank you so much if you do it!

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Thank you so much! :blush: I will put you on the waiting list :star2:

@Kn_laaa09 Hi! Just want to make sure that you’ve seen that you’re drawing is done. I hope you’ll get this notice :raised_hands:t3:

Hi again! :wave:

Could you send an image instead of the details? :pray:

Thanks! :relaxed:

Hi I was wondering if you could make me a headshot for my character that’s the picture of her up the top

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