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They use overlays. Though I think that was a given :joy:

Yes ik, but how do you code it? Also do you know someone who can make overlays

Can you explain what happens in the pictures you showed?

And I probably do, but I think they’re currently busy. Sorry

I just need it to make it look like she’s being possessed

Hmm, maybe add a glow around her head, like a white misty ring.
I don’t quite know the details of changing the eye, and I kinda need to see it in action to know exactly what you mean as well.

Also, from the post I saw you had made before, do you want a glow over her eyes? Or is a roll back movement?

I’m looking for both. I need her to roll her eyes back and become all white.

I also need limb overlays to make it look like she has powers

I see