(CLOSED) Coco's Free Custom Backgrounds and Cover Art

Hi everyone! I’m definitely no expert but I do enjoy making backgrounds and covers for Episode! :grin: So, if you are wanting some art done just comment the following:

1.) Small or Large?
2.) Story Name
3.) Author’s Name(s)
4.) Provide a picture or detailed description of your characters and outfits (limelight / INK / Classic)
5.) A rough outline of what you have in mind
6.) Story description
7.) Theme - optional
8.) Any additional information

1.) Number of panels
2.) What’s happening in the scene?
3.) Colour
4.) Brief description of what you are wanting
5.) Any other requests or information

1.) I will only make you cover art IF you haven’t requested it anywhere else simply because I don’t want my hard work going to waste.
2.) I am a university student so I won’t be putting aside all my time to do covers and backgrounds.
3.) Also, I can’t promise you that I will make your art piece so I will reply to your comment if your request has been accepted or not.
4.) Don’t repetitively ask how long it will be because I honestly don’t know - it shouldn’t take me more than a week.
5.) I cannot do realistic art!!!
6.) Give me credits in your story if using my background by simply writing: “background credits to @Coco.S” or if using a cover “cover credits to @Coco.S

Here are a few examples of my work:

Check out my own story too! :wink: It’s called, Guardians

  1. Small and large (if you can-but if not, small)
    2)H&V:Web of Lies

5) Girl character is in center winking flirtatiously while boys stand on each side of her but behind her. Both boys have arms crossed and are angry
6) Main character is a villain and has a villain boyfriend. She is totally against the law and is a rebel. She meets a detective and he falls in love with the real her and has no idea that she is the villain he has been chasing for years.
7) You never really know a person until they have “unmasked” themselves
8) That’s all, thank you

You have requested in Khushi12’s thread no?

the black hair is what she looked like before dying her hair red

the cover I would like is that shes looking at the mirror and seeing herself have blue eyes. she has brown eyes but when she uses her powers her eyes turn blue

Thank you for that @Priti :sweat_smile:

Yup, so thanks to another fellow Episode writer, its been found that you requested a cover from another artists. For that reason, I won’t be making one for you. This was clearly outlined in my post.

I need for information…
1.) Story Name!
2.) Author(s)
3.) Story Description

Also, which character are you wanting me to use for this cover???

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Can you make me a small and large cover for my upcoming story?

Background request please!

1.) Number of panels - 2 or 3 - Whatever you think is easier
2.) What’s happening in the scene? In the scene the main character has followed the love interest to a graveyard and is spying on him from behind a grave. It turns out he is looking at the grave of his child that had passed away.
3.) Colour - It’s during the day so very light and green - possible some plants in the graveyard?

4.) Brief description of what you are wanting - I am looking for a Grave with the Childs name on it as well as when he died and that he will be missed etc. This could perhaps be in zone 1 and then zone 2 or three is the wall that the character is looking around. The grave would have to be facing the camera.

5.) Any other requests or information
The child’s name is Lee Fujio - Lee is his last name but I believe that In Japan it comes before the first name.
The date was from 2015 to 2017
• 起死回生 - These are the letters that go on the grave please - you can just copy them from this.

If you need anymore info I will be happy to give it to you and if you can’t make it I’ll understand :slight_smile:

I sure can. Just give me the information :blush:

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I will attempt it BUT I can’t guarantee it will work out. Will let you know how it is going - will probably take me a bit longer than the rest though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Story Name: Chasing Bad
Author Name: real.sarah
Characters (INK)
Violet- hair straight (Auburn)
Face: Oval
Eyebrows: defined natural
Eyes: Upturned Bold (blue)
Mouth: Classic (Orange Crush)
Body: INK female (light)

Noah- hair: modern pompadour (fawn)
face: defined triangle
eyebrows: thin arch
Eyes: sloping innocent (green)
Nose: button
Mouth: uneven (blush)
Body: male (light)

Violet’s outfit: high waist jeans new
Dressy crop top (White)
Maroon Military Chic Boots

Noah’s outfit- ripped punk pants
Boxy tank
Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade)
Construction worker boots

Rough Outline: I picture the covers to look like the two characters hate and love each other. This story does take place in High School, so I want the characters to look like they barely know each other but love each other (if that makes any sense) Both characters are pretty well known in the school, Noah is known as a playboy and Violet is known as the chill/cool, but not really type of girl.

Story description- Noah and Violet do not know each other until they start sitting next to each other in Bio class.
When both characters are forced to work together on a project things start to heat up. Behind the ripped jeans and tattoos Violet knows Noah has a heart and she’ll do whatever it takes to bring it to the surface.

Theme: Romance

Will see what I can do for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks for trying lol.

I don’t mind waiting, It’s not needed for a while yet :slight_smile:

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I hope you like these @real.sarah :slightly_smiling_face: Let me know if you want something else done


Theres no title yet i havnt figured it out yet

the story is about her controlling people with her eyes that she didnt know she could do.

the author is just by me so sylviana love

i guess the black hair one

Thank you so much I love them so much.

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Would you like me to just send through the covers without the title or would you prefer to wait and come up with a name? I’ll start on them anyhow. Just let me know asap

you can make it without the title please and thank you

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I really don’t have any other ideas as to what to do for your covers @SylvianaLove . This is what I have done so far - let me know if there is something you want me to change/add.