Closed - Coder looking for multiple partners

id like to contribute you can contact me on ig Nxilson if your interested

On Instagram Right?

I did not see the search result for the Nxilson.

oh thats weird , can you tell me your user ill add you instead.

Halma27464, Thanks.

I am thinking about entering the College Days contest and its in LL.
Can you help me??

I maybe able to help

I see that you’re swamped, but if you have any free time I’d love to work with you. I’m a writer but I have 0 ability to code and I’d love to put my story on episodes.

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I am looking for a partner that will help me add the extra spice. As for me I am a pretty basic coder because I am new to the scene so i need help on my first story. I am writing a friends life story. Shes currently helping me on changing the names of the people and giving me a deep look on her life. I feel like every time she tells me what happened last week or weekend I am steping into a new episode of a story, that why I loved the idea of this episode story. And i am perfectly fine with all the requirements. If your intrested let me know also if you know anyone who does covers or custom backrounds let me know.:grinning:

Hi! I’m beginning to write my first story and I’m struggling already withe the coding/directing. Can you tell me a little bit more about your work?

Are you still available to help with coding?

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No sorry.

Can you help me with my story or are you done coding?

If you’re still accepting I may be interested. I’m stuck on a few coding issues and could really use some advanced coding help. Have you worked with other authors that I can check out your skills maybe?

Hello! I’ve started to create a story, but I have absolutely no talent when it comes to coding. I’d really appreciate it if you were willing to work with me!

Hello, I’ve started writing a story in Ink, but I’m really a zero at coding.

I am no longer accepting authors to help

I AM ONCE AGAIN LOOKING FOR A PARTNER!!! You must be willing to use Limelight and be able to write in a timely manner like an episode written every one-two weeks. Please pm me if you are still intrested.

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Hi! SORRY for bothering You, but I really need a writing partner and I heard that You are looking for one too. Of course, If the offer it’s still available and you want to hear about my story I’m gonna tell You everything you want. I want to be part of a good team, I really have a lot of ideas, I’m pretty good at coding, I like to work hard and also I’m editing and working at art scenes. My only problem it’s the time. Of course I’m gonna give you credit, more than this we will be a team and we’ll choose one name for this and the name of both of us will appear everywhere. I’m gonna work exactly like You, because equality it’s the Best in a team. So, what I want to Say it’s that I really trust people and I want a friend in this journey, because in two people this story will have a better impact. Please, Tell me If it’s still available or not, my Instagram is episode.jannine, I’m new in this community, but I like to work hard for an amazing result. Thank you for reading this! :heart:

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Pmed you. :wink:

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