(closed completely and is never coming back)

Hi my name is Ashley but I perfer Ash for short, can I be your assistant

Ok! What is your name?

Of course!

Itz Kastin R

thank you

Hey, my name is Luna and I would love to help ^-^ I can do most of the jobs here, since I’m a writer and artist myself, but I just wanted to ask what’s the story about :slight_smile:

Well I normally write romance but basically anything the group agrees on but what job(s) would you like?

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Oh, alright! I’m okay with any job. Is there any job that you urgently need a person for?

No not at the moment just the ones that have the numbers

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Alright, I’ll try to pick one :sweat_smile: but I’m really okay with anything that you choose for me (I could even do more than one job if you need, haha).

Alrighty, sorry that it’s taken me so long, but I would love to be either a character creator or plot detail creator. Also, quick question: Does the artist job requires drawing or editing for the story?

Hey! I could proof read.

We need a artist for the drawn scenes

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Of course what is your name?

Alright, so I could either be an artist, a character creator or a plot detail creator. aaahhhh I just can’t choose :joy:

You can be 2 if u want

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Hi I was wondering if I could be character creator and outfit creator?



Could I be an character or outfit creator?

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