Closed! Covers by C00kiez1999

First of all, here’s a peak at what I can do:

This is a cover I made for a story I’ll probably never publish haha
If you are writing a story and need help with the cover, let me know I’d be happy to help!

How to request:

Your author name or handle:
Story Title:
Brief Description:
Character(s) Details and outfits:
Detailed poses (optional):
Props, backgrounds, images, font ideas (optional):

(Note: remember my expertise isn’t with drawing but I’m not bad at it I guess :joy: so if you can’t find anyone else or you want to give me a shot, I can attempt I just got a drawing tablet :blush:)

I’m just here to make you happy with your cover and draw people in to read your story! :smiley:

If you have a rough image for me to go off of that would be great but even then I may change it a lot…

It is very possible that I will use a google image here or there, but I will do everything in my power to make it my own so it’s not obvious because, who wants that? amiright?
And hey, if you don’t end up liking what I give you, or you don’t use it in the end, or you want me to retry, that’s chill because honestly, I’d be much happier if you told me you hated it than if you lied. and the more I create, the more practice I’ll get :slight_smile: So either way you’re helping me

There are more examples below if you don’t mind scrolling

Waiting list:
@Kenz1 (Working…)


Beautiful <3.

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Thank you! :smiley:


I am not needing one at the moment, but your work is incredible

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Thank you so much

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Yeah no problem, mate


Great examples :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Are you still taking cover requests? :thinking:

Yes! :slight_smile:

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Thanks :blush:

Your story title:


A brief description, genre, and or “feel” of your story:

Description: Her life is full of dead ends. He’s an escaped prisoner/convict whose desperate to regain what he’s lost. They’ll have to rely on one another to survive or face deadly consequences…(not the best description, I know :woman_facepalming:)
Genre: It has more of an Action feel to it than Mystery or Thriller.

Character(s) (optional): (Ink or LL? skin/hair/eye/lip color? features? wardrobe?)

The story is in INK
Body - Honey
Eyebrows - Medium Sharp
Eyes - Classic Round (Black)
Lips - Uneven (Taupe)
Nose - Button
Face Shape - Defined Triangle
Hair - Short Cropped Hair (Fawn)

Body: Olive
Eyes: Upturned Bold (Green)
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Auburn)
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic (Orange Crush)

These are their outfits. If you’d like me to list them I can do that too :wink:

Any base backgrounds or props:

I had one idea where the large cover could be them in a car (CAR ANGLE BROWN or one of the other cars). She’d be doing a scared animation in the passenger seat and he’d have a serious look while driving. I only thought of it because there’s a scene in my story where they’ll be in a kind of car chase. The background could be EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD - DAY or something similar. But then again I’m not sure which car I’ll use yet lol.

You don’t have to do go with this idea lol. Feel free to be totally creative. The story takes place in a small, backwater town if that helps? You may use any background/props you feel are necessary :blush:

Miscellaneous images you want incorporated:

There aren’t really any miscellaneous images I want added.
However, can the title be mysterious/intense in a way? Nothing bloody of course. For example I’ve been using something like this for the font:

This would be another example:

These are just examples :blush:. Feel free to do whatever you think is best. For my author name you don’t have to put it in big letters like the title. It can be smaller, in a regular sort of font. As long as it’s the same color.

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Perfect! Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll get right to work and let you know if I have any questions

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This is what I came up with for the small cover. Let me know if you like this or not and want to change absolutely Anything so that I can apply that to the large cover :slight_smile:

To me it screams comic book :thinking:


lol that’s embarrassing your tag says shinner instead of shimmer :joy:

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Wow. Just wow :open_mouth::heart_eyes::drooling_face::astonished:
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cover so amazing before! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::relaxed::kissing_closed_eyes::innocent:

I don’t see anything that needs to be changed lol. At the bottom you can just put @LynnTheAngel if you want. That’s my Episode Username.

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Lol I noticed but I was just going to pretend I hadn’t :laughing:

Omg :rofl:

I’m glad you like it, that means a lot :smiley:
I’ll fix the tag and get a large cover to you asap!

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Let me know if I’ve made anymore spelling errors haha


It looks amazing! I don’t see anymore spelling errors :thinking: Thank you! :revolving_hearts::sparkling_heart::heartpulse:

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Your welcome :smiley:

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How would you like me to credit you? :relaxed: