Closed! Covers by C00kiez1999

You certainly don’t have to, but if you do you can use my name Raven D. :slight_smile:

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Perfect! I’ll get right on it and let you know if I have any questions :smile:

HAhhaahahAAHaha :joy:

You said to have fun with it :woman_shrugging: heheh

But seriously

Just in case you don’t like my beautiful large cover from above, here’s a big version of the small one :wink:

If you need me to change absolutely anything let me know!!


If you’re still doing it here mine
Author: Weird
Title: Athena
Description: Athena never believed in love until she meets her new roommate Tony. Follow them on their journey.
Mood: The mood is funny but weirdly crazy. The girl is more annoyed with the boy and he is just happy. I would like if you could have half over there body in there.
Limelight male: Tony
Hair: Messy undercut (medium brown)
Face: Square jaw
Body: Gold 07
Brows: Round thin
Lips: Full heart natural (brown gold)
Eyes: Male generic (blue aqua)
Nose: Male generic
Extras: Freckles Heavy (08-10)

Limelight female: Athena
Hair: Sleek ponytail (purple lilac)
Face: Diamond Defined Contour
Body: Gold 03
Nose: Grecian Soft
Brows: Arched Natural Scar
Lips: Full Round Pouty (beige gold matte)
Eyes: Deepset Almond (violet)
Extras: She has a tattoo it is called (


Girl outfit: Twist top tank cotton green frost, Tribal sleeve tattoo, Floral Lace Dangling Earrings Grey Silver, Nose Bridge Studs Silver, Pull Tab Yellow Stitched Rubber Heel Boot Matte Leather Olive Camo, Silver Cuff Leggings Spandex Grey Black
Boy outfit: Loose Calf Belted Pants Denim Blue Oxford, Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Grey Black, Cable Knitted Hooded Jacket With Undershirt Wool Grey Black

This is only if you’re still doing them. So if you aren’t you don’t have to.
Love Amiraa,
Thanks :grin:

I’d be more than happy to make you some covers :smiley: I’ll get to work and let you know if I have any questions :+1:

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Hi, could I request a cover please?

Your author name or handle


Story Title


Brief Description

You finally get released from jail after your reign as a notorious super-villain ‘Ember’. You try to look for a job and rebuild your life, but the gang wants to get back together and you are forced to enrol in a mysterious university, going undercover and hiding your identity from a school swarmed with heroes.


Action / Fantasy / Adventure

Character Details

The story is in Limelight

  • Skin colour: copper 07
  • Brow: Arched thin, black dark
  • Hair: Over shoulder braid, brown black
  • Eyes: Female Generic, brown dark
  • Face: Diamond
  • Nose: Defined Natural
  • Mouth: Full heart pouty, rose medium nude matte

Background/Font ideas

I’m not bothered about the background or the font, what ever you think fits the theme :slight_smile:


I was thinking if you could use the two outfits (as they are the same person, one being the villain and the other being the ‘secret’ identity) in some way so that they are facing each other or something, whatever feels right.

Thank you!


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Hey is it ok if i request a small cover? x

Lol Yes I’ll fix that in a jiff

Request accepted!

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Request accepted :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind waiting a couple days sure!

Author name or handle: Taylor Reynolds
Story Title: Our Future
Brief Description: About a girl and a guy who love each other and wants to spend the rest of their lives with them but lots of situations get thrown in their way.
Genre: Romance, Drama
Character(s) Details OR pictures if you have a specific outfit for them: I have to post them separately. I dont have a specific outfit for them. ( LimeLight)
(optional) Props, backgrounds, images, font ideas: Pretty fonts

  1. Small Cover
  2. Big Covers

That’s all Thank You! If you cant do it its fine!

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Here is what they look like so you can see.

Thank you! I’ll get to it as soon as I can :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome I’m glad I could help! :smile:

What do you mean exactly?

Like the waist and above.

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Oh I see. ty!

No problem!

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