Closed! Covers by C00kiez1999

I have your covers! Would you rather me pm them to you? Or is it okay to put them on the thread

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You could pm it to me.

Author Name: Vicky Writes
Story Name: Love me
Story Genre: Romance, criminal, action
*Brief description of the story: You’re a young girl with a past.What will happen when your
classmates get killed one by one? Will you learn to love or be cold-hearted?

Cover Style:Can the MC(girl) Be holding a gun to her head crying and two black men behind her standing, the background some kind of wall? like bricks or something

Size of cover: LARGE
Style: Limelight
Character details (if any, if not leave blank): SKIN- copper 2 FACE- diamond HAIR-long feathered, light brown EYEBROWS- arched thick styled, brown EYES- Deepset almond, purple eyes NOSE- defined natural LIPS- full heart rose matte

Thank you so much, I would really appreciate it if you made this cover for me. I will credit you in my story in every chapter THANK YOU!

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Great :smiley: You are now on the waiting list. I’ll let you know if I have any questions <3

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Author name :
Brooke kunis

Here are my characters details

Skin: tan
Eyebrows: seductive arch
Face shape: oval
Eye shape: upturned feline
Eye color: white
Nose: upturned
Lips: full round
Lipstick: scarlet
Hair: straight
Hair color: fawn
Personality: blunt and sarcastic

Skin: caramel
Eyebrows: thin arch
Face shape: defined triangle
Eye shape: stoic almond
Eye color: green
Nose: button
Lips: uneven
Lip color: terracotta
Hair: short cropped
Hair color: light blue
Personality: charming and sarcastic

Pose: You have full creative control over the poses.
The title is: In Your Dreams
Background: I don’t mind
Genre: romance
Description: Riley hates boys ever since her last boyfriend cheated on her but when chase moves to town will his charms be able to make Riley fall for him.

tank top
Black skirt
Fish nets
Silver pendant necklace

Black shirt
Ripped jeans

Thank you :heart:

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Thank you so much! How long will it aproximatly take?

I’ll get to your request asap :blush:

Thank you so much x

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Each request takes roughly 5 hours to make, so maybe 2 or 3 days?

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okay thanks a lot <3

Yw :slight_smile:

I don´t know if you still do them but I love your work and would be happy to get something from you.

Title: Another kind of love
Author: Kefsy
Description: A girl finds herself trapped between two mafia bosses, will she be able to not caths feelings for one of them and will she be able to save herself from them. She doesn’t know that even if her life is at stake so is her heart.
Mood: The mood of the story is dangerous, romantic, mysterious, sexy and fire. They guys are strong men and she is a strong woman but she doesn’t know it yet how strong and beautiful she is.

Limelight Male 1 (Daimian):
Skin - Neutral 05
Eyebrows - Straight medium (black dark)
Eyes - Narrow almond deep smiling color (Grey cool)
Hair - Crew cut (black dark)
Face - Triangle chiseled scruffy beard
Nose - Hooked Grecian
Lips - Full heart natural (Beige deep neutral)


  • Professor Blazer Collared Shirt Tweed Green Hunter
  • Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Black
  • Chelsea Ankle Boots Pull Tab Leather Grey Black
  • Tribal Sleeve Tatto

Limelight Male 2 (Nick):
Skin - Neutral 04
Eyebrows - Arched medium (dark brown)
Eyes - Male generic (Brown black)
Hair - Long top messy curls (brunette brown)
Face - Triangle chiseled scruffy beard
Nose - Hooked Grecian
Lips - Medium heart (Beige deep neutral)


  • Button Up Rolled Up Sleeves Tucked Cotton Blue Oxford
  • Loose Calf Belted Pants Denim Blue Oxford
  • Chelsea Ankle Boots Pull Tab Leather Blue Navy
  • Multiple Beaded Strapped Bracelets Leather Yellow Vanilla
    -Dagger And Roses Arm Tatto Solid

Limelight Female (Lilith):
Skin - Neutral 05
Eyebrows - Arched natural (chestnut brown)
Eyes - Deepset upturned wide (blue deep)
Hair - Wavy side curls (platinum blonde)
Face - Diamond defined contour
Nose - Defined natural
Lips - Full round pouty (pink peach medium gloss)


  • Low Cut Croptopand Skirt Combo Dress Satin Grey Pink Pale
  • Heels Retro Strap Leather White
  • Leaf Motif Beaded Bracelet Metal Silver
  • Diamond Cluster Pink Diamond Accents Necklace
  • Diamond Cluster Earcuff Earring Pink Diamond
  • Sound Waves Tattoo
  • Freckles Heavy ( 04- 07 )

**I want you to come up with something that is sexy, mysterious and alluring, have fun with it! xx

Male 1

Male 2


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Thank you! I’ll get to your request as soon as possible :wink: :+1:

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I would like a cover if you can the tite is called elamental
and it a girl skin tone moca and she is winking.

Could you please fill this out? :slight_smile:

Your author name or handle:
Story Title:
Brief Description:
Character(s) Details OR pictures if you have a specific outfit for them:
(optional) Props, backgrounds, images, font ideas:

@C00kiez1999 someone’s getting really popular :blush: With amazing cover-making skills comes great responsibility :wink:

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No kidding :sweat_smile:

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Your author name or handle: Ayca
Story title: Divination
Brief Description: Juniper has always ran away from her secrets, family, and friends.
Now she has started a new life, can she run away from all her secrets, including her powers?
Genre: Fantasy & romance
Character(s) Details OR pictures if you have a specific outfit for them:

(optional) Props, backgrounds, images, font ideas:

Put this apart of the background.

Blur out this background so the characters are clearly seen.
Font can be bubbly.
Misc./Notes: Make the boy hug the girl from behind and her holding on to his arms while doing so, and make her look up to him.

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You’re added to the list! I’ll make your covers as soon as I can :slight_smile:

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Okay thank you! :slight_smile:

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