(CLOSED) Creating PNGs/Overlays

[Closed so I can focus on college admissions and planning. (If you requested on or before 4/25/21, I’ll try to finish your order in the following week.) Thank you all again for the support! I tend to fixate on one thing and tune out all the other important stuff going on around me so I’ll probably have this shop closed until I can plan out my academic decisions which will be a while ; ; ]

Hi, all! Since rewriting my story, I’ve noticed how impactful custom overlays can be so I’ve decided to start creating them for others! If you’re interested, you can read the rules and fill out the necessary forms below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

⇢ What I Can Do ⇠
Basic cutouts (works best with clear, high-quality images)

Handmade/Edited Overlays

Text overlays

r.i.p. light mode users

Limb overlays/custom poses (Only INK!)

⇢ Rulesssss ⇠

Credit Me - Either in a readerMessage or at the end of a chapter whenever my work is used

Please Be Patient - I’m a senior and neurodivergent and just all-around stressed! I enjoy creating these things and like helping other Episodians, but if you rush me, it gets 1000x less fun.

No Thread-Hopping - * kim voice * Don’t be effing rude :crazy_face: If you request here, don’t request the same thing somewhere else and vice versa. If I see you thread-hopping on my or anyone else’s thread, I’ll set your account to “Ignore Forever” idc idc. I try to finish all orders in a timely manner, but if you need something in a hurry—this is not the shop for you! ;4

I Have The Right to Deny Requests - For any reason. I’ll probably tell you why if I do; but if not, it’s nothing personal (or maybe it is :eyes:).

Limit of Three Items Per Request - I really like everything to be nice and aesthetically pleasing so having 5+ items in a request, I’ve learned, is overwhelming for me!

Be Cool, Be Nice - 'Cause why wouldn’t you, y’know?

⇢ Forms ⇠
Text Overlays

Words/Phrases you need (if more than one, please separate w/ commas or numbering):
Special Effects (italicize, underline, curved words, shadows, etc):

Image Overlays

Materials (if you have certain images you want me to incorporate):
Extra Examples (appreciated as I am a visual person):
Special Effects (outline, shadows, etc):

Character Overlays

*Note that I’m only doing INK for now

Type (Custom Pose, Limb Overlay, or Group Shot (limit of 3 characters)):
Character(s) Details:
Extra Details (outline, shadows, etc):
References/Examples (appreciated as I am a visual person):

Thanks for checking out my shop; have a great day :))<3


Bump ’ cause I have some free time again!


if your still open i need a few overlays…

-football with like stickers on it from different parts around the world (if its too complicated dont do it)
-like a photo book and pictures
whispers any overlays you can spare a come in handy
credit will be given ofc

Sure! I just have a couple questions so I can kinda visualize what you want:

  1. For the football, do you want like flags and postcard-esc things?
  2. Do you want the photobook to be open or closed?
  3. Just a classic iPhone overlay with the screen cutout? Any glares?
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  1. yes like stickers,post cards, etc
  2. opened
  3. no glares
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I only removed the phone’s background so no credit needed for that. I was a little confused about the photobook so tell me if this is what you had in mind.



Yes…thank you its perfect :purple_heart:

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id like to request a memoir

in the memoir could it have a closed version of the photo book, a child like drawing of a girl and her grandparents, a old looking brush,a ticket(like a carnival ticket), and a camera

could they be in a box and could i get them seperately

Hi! Can you explain why you mean by memoir? Like a pamphlet? It kinda sounds like you want these items to be contained in a box, but I want to make sure.

the idea of this all is like a memory box
and for the memoir it can be like a poem or something written

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Sorry, I’ll upload everything in a minute. I had to play around with the angles on the box and now I’m compressing everything down to 1 mb.

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im in no rush take your time

Mkay, how are these?


Vintage Brush(1)


:exploding_head: Perfect! Thank you!

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ok, good, I was worried lol. np!

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ok im back again( i really like your overlays)

if its not too much i need some car overlays in different angles
A Jeep (black)
A Mercedes-Benz
A Sports car
And any type of vintage looking car
it doesnt matter what color for the other 3

Hi! Two things: first, I’ve had overlays rejected for containing branded images so I tried to remove all logos from the photos. I’m not sure if logos were important to you, but I don’t think they would get approved if they had them. Second, sadly, I was not able to warp the images to a front or back angle. Maybe in the future, I’ll be able to find a way/tool to create a 360 view of all photos, but for now, I can only flip them across their y-axis, sorry!



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Thank you…again :grin:

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