Closed deletd sorry love u closed

i can make em’

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I would like one!

I would love one!

If you are still available I’d like one!!

Ok so like what do u want

Could I have one?

what do u need exactly?

Can I have one please like a tralier for my story

send me scenes and screenshot

An edit pls :slight_smile:

send me screenshots and vids

Okay, I will have to do it later, but I will eventually, do you have any examples?

Actually, I can send you my episode, it’s a bit all over the place, but it’s just for the trailer, I’ll fix it up later. But could you do it with this song and try and get it to be AS dramatic as your can pls:

could you edit the music so you get the dramatic bit of the song please, so like the beginning bit then it edits into the dramatic bit :slight_smile:

Sorry to be a pain,but I will start from a certain part in the story :slight_smile:
Do you have Instagram so I can send this video to you?

uh yeah:) but my examples are on there @ epyhelen

I will have to send the vid one by one, but can you please just make a cool trailer of the cool bits pls :smile: