[CLOSED] Doing R4R and G4G πŸ“šπŸ’Ž

Hello! Just started reading your story. Lemme know when you start as well.

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Hey! I’m starting now :slight_smile:

Chapter 1 is done :white_heart:

Thank you for this thread. I have a new published book as well.

Title: On The Hook!
Genre: Mystery
One night of partying ends with you waking up in the bed of someone you never expected to meet. Can you figure out what happened, despite almost no memory of it?
Style: Limelight
Customizations begin in chapter 4
No choices as of yet (possibly introduced later)

hi! I would like to do r4r with you :hearts:
reply to this to let me know if you’re interested :grin:

Story details:
Episodes: 8 (ongoing)
Genre: Adventure
Style: LL
You volunteer to be the first human to test time travel, going only an hour forward with time. But when you leave travel pod, all other humans are gone. (CC)
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Hello! I’ve got 6 chapters available. How many do you wanna read?

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Hello! I’ve got 6 chapters available. How many do you want to read?

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I ony have 3 unfortunately.

I have 8 chapters, so I can do 6x6? :thinking:

Sure! I’ll add you to the waiting list!

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Let’s do a 3x3. I’ll add you to the waiting list.

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I’m reaching out to inform you that I previously read some chapters of your story, as I’ve reviewed it recently. I’ll continue to read until I complete chapter 6.

Later edit: Finished.

I do apologise for the wait, thank you for understanding my reason.


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I have yours read now. :heart:

Hello! Just finished reading your story. Let me know when you start mine!

Awesome. I will have yours finished by the afternoon.

Done! :grin:

Hello again!
I just finished reading 6 episodes of your story :grin:
Here are the Screenshots:

I really liked your style of directing! The scene with snowflakes in episode 6 was amazing :grin: sorry for the hold up with screenshots, I forgot to send them yesterday :hearts:

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Hey! Thank your for reading my story :heartbeat:

I managed to finish yours as well. I apologize if it took too long! I enjoyed the plot a lot and I honestly didn’t expect to be so hyped about it. Keep writing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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