[CLOSED] Episode Savvies Chic Art Boutique 👠

Hello there! Lovely day outside, isn’t it? It seems like you’ve stumbled upon our newly launched boutique. Planning on getting some fine art for your story? Fear no more. Epi Savvies at your service!

Have you ever heard of the old adage, “Two heads are better than one.” ? A phrase that encourages teamwork and how two things coming together could result in a bigger picture. Therefore, imagine yourself how eight people could do to make your story a lot more attractive and worth spending hours on! Here in Epi Savvies, we rely on each other to bring individual talents to the table, where we believe creativity thrives when we work together as a team.

Founded by our leader @Cassandra_Dean, we are a group of eight talented artists that love helping people around us in no time. Epi Savvies believe that art is an essential ingredient to empower the hearts of people, clearing negative energy and toxic elements that may already present in our community. As much as story plotting and directing matter, creating an art that is eye-catching matters too, and that is when Epi Savvies become the group to call!

Now, we would like for you to learn a little bit more about us. Meet our members!

@Cassandra_Dean @Dahlia_Blossom @Killerfrost @Sophbee @Puma @Malukah @anj and @granolias

As everybody is to be respected, Epi Savvies asks that you to go through all the rules we have listed down below to ensure that your request won’t be denied. Please be cooperative and do so, we mean it!

1 Be Patient. If you’re going to request something from us, you’ll need to be able to accept/tolerate any delays and problems. Do not rush our process as you might end up causing our artist to accidentally mess up your request or you not getting your art at all. Note that we all have life outside the forums too.

2 No Drama. Any dramas will not be tolerated. If you think any of our members is doing something wrong, please notify us through PM. You will reported and banned from our boutique if we found you starting a fight or spreading negativity. Avoid cluttering the topic as we are trying to make our environment to the best for our clients.

3 No Thread Hopping. Do not request the exact same thing elsewhere. We know that you might want a couple of options but editors work very hard on their edits and it’s really discouraging if you don’t end up using the art that we made in the end. Before considering your request, we will be checking your history to make sure that you’re not doing so. It’s utterly disrespectful, for both of us.

4 Only Request if You’re Gonna Use it. Our artists put a lot of effort and spend so much time doing your request and we wouldn’t want our work to go down the drain. Please avoid requesting just for the fun of it.

“ᶠⁱʳᵉʷᵒʳᵏˢ” ⁱˢ ᵗʰᵉ ᵖᵃˢˢʷᵒʳᵈ!

5 Denial. Your request is rejected? Aw, too bad. Here are the reasons on why it happened, you might have done one of these : You have requested the same thing somewhere else, you disrespect our artists, you tried to cause drama, your request is too complex or you were found breaking any of the guidelines. We have the rights to reject your request and we do not want our artists wasting their time on people who can’t handle proper behavior at our boutique.

6 No Stealing. Stealing is a bad person thing and we’re sure none of you are. Never claim our artwork as yours. We will immediately contact you personally and if you continue, we will take it to even higher circumstances. You have been warned.

7 Advertisement. Don’t you just hate it when you’re reading an Episode story and ads started to pop up on your screen? Off topic but in this case, we do not allow you to promote your own or other people’s thread on our boutique. Epi Savvies would also like to remind you that we do not work in the the Episode Team and any suggestions should be posted on the Feature + Art Suggestions section. Any post that includes links or any form of advertising will be flagged.

You should promote our group to your other friends instead! We all want the best for the community :slightly_smiling_face:

8 Credit Us. An artist’s signature is their greatest power. Some of our artists might put their watermark on your art request to avoid it from getting stolen. However, credit is still necessary . Please appreciate us taking some time out of our day making you the art piece. How do I credit y’all? , you may ask. Down here we included some ways on how you can show your appreciation towards the artist.

click me!
  • Credit and help promoting the artist and us on your social media.
  • readerMessage Special thanks to @ARTISTNAME for this lovely piece of art. Go and follow her on Instagram!
  • Credit them at the end of your story.

9 】 Terms of use. Since our editors use episode assets to make their art, we request that you only use your art on the episode platform. It is okay to share your artwork in your story, on the forums or on instagram, but please do not share your art on external websites or platforms. This rule is made due to episode partially owning there art since their assets are used. This also includes requesting art for any other playforms that aren’t Episode. Please note that we only create art for PUBLISHED Episode stories. Another very important rule is not to request a certain artist to complete your request. Also, be sure not to exhibit inappropriate portrayals in your behavior or art! You may not request art for a story that contains any of following, as members of epi.savvies does not encourage such behaviour:

Pornographic behaviour
Graphic or glorified rape
Racist or homophobic behaviour

By now, you’re probably wondering what our members are capable of doing. Check out art pieces previously done by our artists and we’ll see if it fits your liking!

Character Edits/PFP

imageimage image image imageimage image
Small and Large Cover


7a9b8f5b7ab7a049de726fde79a56997d1388eb9_1_690x458 d5e2121d92882573cfa9d987497e263766917a89_1_690x458 7cf77f2c4b30d9c8af8753c8029f1bd8ca8dbed6_1_362x499
Art Scenes


More to come. Be the first to request !


Episode Savvies’ requests run by a selective system. At the conclusion of a pre-decided period, certain requests are selected to fulfill. This process repeats simultaneously until noted otherwise. Then, a scheduled period following the initial selecting period is taken to complete the requests chosen.

The remainder from one period may be selected during the conclusion of the next time period. This form closes during the period taken to finish the requests.

Follow these simple steps and you’re close to getting your art !

F𝖎𝖗𝖘𝖙 : Is the thread open? Are there empty slots for your request? If the answer is yes, you may proceed to this next step. Make sure to read all the rules stated above to ensure your request being taken into consideration.
𝕾𝖊𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖉 : Simply fill out the Google Form below. Please be detailed when making your request. We only accept request with maximum number of three characters.
𝕿𝖍𝖎𝖗𝖉 : After submitting the form, please comment down below for us to acknowledge your request. We will get back to you soon to let you know if your request is accepted.
𝕱𝖔𝖚𝖗𝖙𝖍 : Wait patiently for your request to be completed. You are encouraged to not rush the process.

Your art is now ready to be used! Make sure to credit the artist and @Episode.Savvies

Link to Request Form :


In the process of selecting, request chosen will be updated!

【 1 】open
【 2 】open
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【 4 】open
【 5 】open

Finally. Congratulations on making it all the way here, we really appreciate you spending some time out of your day visiting our boutique.

May the Holiday Season brings only joy and happiness to you and your loved ones. Warmest thoughts and best wishes from all of us in Episode Savvies.

Find us on Instagram! @epi.savvies :snowman_with_snow:

Also, if you ever see this red heart :heavy_heart_exclamation:, be sure to click it! It will always link our instagram :grin:


Submitted! This shop will be booming with all these good artists like these.:sob:


Can I ask who did the covers One night and teenage fever?


Hehe I requested!

I hope you do my request! Your guys’ art are so amazing! :heart_eyes::blush:


hey I just noticed in your form…

“I am requesting a cover for a PUBLISHED story.”
“I am requesting a splash for a PUBLISHED story.”
Does my story have to be published to request a cover/splash?

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Submitted as well! Your guys art is amazing!

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Just request a pfp! :blush: PM me if you have any questions :blush:

I submitted for a large and small cover


I’ve submitted one!

I have submitted. Can not wait to see all your beautiful creations. :sunflower:

I’ve submitted and I’m super excited to see your creations also do you do wattpad covers :grin::grin::grin::grin: I may need a new one :sweat_smile:

I just submitted, you all seem so talented from what I saw from your examples! I can’t wait :grin:


Hello there! You’ve reached @Dahlia_Blossom, a proud member here at Episode Savvies!

I see you’ve asked…

To answer your question, yes. To request a cover or splash, you must ensure the story in which the art is for is currently PUBLISHED. Violation of this term will result in the denial of your request.

Thank you!


Hello there! You’ve reached @Dahlia_Blossom, a proud member here at Episode Savvies!

I see you’ve asked…

To answer your question, no. Here at Episode Savvies, we do not create story artwork for any platform other than Episode’s. The reason? Well, because of terms, differences, and complications, we cannot complete a request for art that isn’t Episode related.

Thank you!


Ohhh thank you for the information

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Hello there! You’ve reached @Dahlia_Blossom, a proud member here at Episode Savvies!

I see you’ve asked…

To answer your question, no. Although we’d like to share the details behind our members’ creations, we simply cannot. Why? Well, here at Episode Savvies, all members are treated equally with kindness, admiration, and respect. Requesting art from a certain member may feel degrading to other members. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you!


You are very welcome, @Thequeen1000


Yalls artwork is beautiful :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
I’ve submitted my request, Cant wait too see yalls creations :grin:

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I submitted my request.