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To any one wanting backgrounds, covers or art for there story I can help :grin: But only for people who are planning on entering the Kiss and Tell creators contest I really want to help people with there stories because I have read really good stories that have not been read or have been ignored or passed by because they had no cover and looked like the other was inexperienced
I have worked with many authors and have made art for many stories so please feel free to
Contact me here,request down below or message my IG: @after.what

If you would like to see morexamples DM me or check out my IG




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Artist If you would like me to link your art shop let me know :kissing_heart:

waiting list ❤



I could use some help with fantasy bgs I am participating in it. So far the title is : Ember in the Stars

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I coukd use some help getting 2 bedroom backgroundsfor a male character. His name is Danny and he’s 30, and starts the story living with his older sister Amy who is 48 and her 24 year old daughter Rosa. He is a returned soldier in the British Army. Eventually, i plan on him moving out into his own place though, but that will be far down the line.

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Is thi still open?

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Yes it will.stay open tell a week before the contest dead line

The covers are really pretty!
My story is called K&T: Mango Lassi and I need two characters on my cover. If you need help with their character deets just tell me

Can the character poses on the cover be something like this, with the paint and everything? The first girl should be on the left and the second should be on the right.
And can it have one of these for the background? (I don’t really mind which, I just searched up tumblr aesthetic wallpaper for all of these so if you think something else would suit it better then feel free):


And use these for the title (they’re all in white)

Also, can you make sure the title stands out against the background? Tysm <3

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Your covers are great. Can I have something like this? :grin:


OK I’ll work on it soon

Of course just need character details and personality so can find a background to match them

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Great! Can there be two versions, one for the small cover and one for the large? Also I noticed a lot of your covers are drawn so I just wanted to clarify that the covers don’t have to be drawn


Ok! :heart:

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Kk I will send the deets later

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Hi it’s been a while so I’m just checking in- when will the cover be done?

Hey, its been nine days and I want to get a cover before the deadline is up so I’m sorry but I’m probably gonna have to go request from another art shop


Can you send your characters details

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Thank you sooo much for this. I really realllllly need the cover for my story, so if you can help please send me :slight_smile:

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Omg I forgot about this :sweat_smile:

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Do you also want the picture or only the details?

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Title: K&T: Secret Admirer
Author Name: Alexandra Rose

Character 1 & Outfit 1:

Character & Outfit 2:

kiss_passionate_loop AND kiss_passionate_loop_rear

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