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Your author name or handle: Ayca
Story title: Divination
Brief Description: Juniper has always ran away from her secrets, family, and friends.
Now she has started a new life, can she run away from all her secrets, including her powers?
Genre: Fantasy & romance
Character(s) Details OR pictures if you have a specific outfit for them:

(optional) Props, backgrounds, images, font ideas:

Put this apart of the background.

Blur out this background so the characters are clearly seen.
Font can be bubbly.
Misc./Notes: Make the boy hug the girl from behind and her holding on to his arms while doing so, and make her look up to him.


You’re added to the list! I’ll make your covers as soon as I can :slight_smile:


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Heyoooo I’ve got 'em! Should I pm them or can I send them on this thread?


The Story TiTle is Elamental
Its about Two siblings who are a witch and a warlock who set out to find there parents but comes to find out there parents arent what the exppected.

The Genre is: Fantesy
Charecters: Hazel and Roy LimeLight
Props:purple light out of hazels hands and blue from roys


Do you have a time when it will be done.


Well first, I need your character’s details so I know what they look like (or at least screenshots) And then, it will take roughly 3-4 days


I have the covers! Can I share them over this thread? :smiley:


Do you have an outfit for her or should I pick one?


Well first the characters are limelight the girl is hazel from limelight she is wearing a blue under shirt crop top with a black leather jacket with none cut up black leather pants and black with white laces ( High tops) same hair as the default and the brother is roy same skin tone as the default he has a blue sleeved black jacket with cut up pants and boots and it is a fantasy magic story so if there could be like some type of magic coming out of there hands would be great.


Pick any one :heart:


Hello! Just want to let @Ayca and @julian know that your guys’ covers will be done tomorrow! :+1: Thanks for being patent :sweat_smile:


Ok thank you!


I’ve got your small cover! I need your thoughts on it before I make the large cover :slight_smile: Do I have permission to post it on this thread or would you rather pm?


Yes you may post it here :slight_smile:


Do you have any changes for me? :smile:


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Yay :relaxed: How should I go about doing the large one? Do you want the characters in it, different poses? Same thing but bigger?


Oh wait make the girls face shape oval