CLOSED for now :) I do covers and stuff for free yay


make the girls face shape oval forgot bout that


oof okay :sweat_smile: sorry about that


It’s okay!


And her eyes green so sorry


No, no it’s my fault :shushing_face: I’ll have it fixed in no time!




And if you could make the boy taller a bit more


Yes same thing but bigger


Wow just wanted to say these covers are amazing! :heart_eyes:


Thank you!


Alright so uh i lied about it being no time but you’ll have it by the end of today haha :sweat_smile:


Okay coolio


Yes thats fine :slight_smile:


Let me know if I need to resize them or anything!


OMG ITS BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU SOO MUCH! Ps : I will give credit in my story!


Haha glad you like it :wink: :+1: and thank you!!


Also nose upturned


After the girl took her heals off, put in some color contacts and got a nose job, she is at last hopefully ready to make an appearance in you cover Haha :joy:


Haha thank you


You’re welcome :slight_smile: