Closed For Now, Return Soon!


no longer here!


what do you mean by icons for splashes


It’s like an object on your splash!

EX: Earbuds, Music Notes, etc!


oh ok tyyyy


btw with my requests take as long as you like (requested on documents)


Thank you! Your patience is greatly appreciated!


Thank you!! :heart:




Your art is awesome can I get a banner that says hope you come back and request


Thank you so much! I’ll get that text on your cover!


I’ll have to add that as a request object, I’ll notify you once I have it.

EDIT: @linalilly10 You can now request them!


@baddie3pisode @shanedawsonfan Could you please let me know where you would like your characters to be placed on your splashes?


You can place them anywhere


do you have the character form to show what I put because if you do plz send so I can remember lol and if you don’t I’ll do the same as @shanedawsonfan


You didn’t put any specific spot.


Put them in the center


I like the banner to say Welcome to Episode Diamond


You can’t just walk in and say what you want. Please use the templates, otherwise your requests will be rejected.


tell em, gracie LOL


I will be working in this order:

  1. Banners
  2. Overlays
  3. Background Edits
  4. Splashes
  5. PFPs
  6. Edits
  7. Covers