{Closed FOREVER}

Can I have an art scene?
I know that you only do INK, and I know that mine is in limelight, but is there any chance that you could just make it look as close to it as possible?
Can it be exactly in this pose:
But with this character:

The hair can be down, like in the outline, and the clothes can be the same, but in black please!
All the features on the face can be the same, I just need the hair and the skin color to look like her.
Thank you SOOOOO much! All the other art shops are either closed or have a million requests and mine never gets done! (I just need this either as an overlay, or with a white background :))

Hi! Can I request a cover:)

Sure! You’ve been placed into the in progress list!


Thank you!!!

Body: Tan

Eyes:Upturned Feline (Purple)

Hair: Beach wave (Black)

Mouth: Full Round (Bordeaux)


Nose: Soft Natural

Eyebrows: Defined Natural

Photo reference:

Photo outline:

Idk I guess somewhat like your second example:)


Smile now cry later

Can you maybe have mascara dripping from her eyes like she’s been crying but have her smiling and make her hold a moon necklace in her hand (reference below)


Thank you!!!

Thank you!

Are you still taking request? And if so, do you do overlays?

Yes and depends what the overlay is of

Okay before I make the request I have tried requesting in another shop but the finished product was not correct. Is that a problem in regards to my request?


So should I request elsewhere then or can I make the request?

Em ur choice I have quite a lot of requests in line atm so if you ask someone else you will probs get it quicker

Alright thanks anyway

Thank you SO much! That looks freaking amazing!!!

no problem and thanks so much!!

Do you want to be credited by your Insta or by Lucin8or

Idm you can choose, whichever is easiest for you :blush:

I know that I literally just asked for a request, and it just got completed, but you are SUPER good at coloring and I need two more, so I’m sorry. Feel free to say no to these.
I need this character:
In these poses please:
Two different ones please! Feel free to say no!
Thank you!

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Course I’ll do these! And thank you!

Could you please do one for me? :heart: