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I’m gonna put your name on the waiting list right away!

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I’m going to write your name on the waiting list.

Btw, I know what you want me to do is pretty simple, but since other people requested first, you’ll have to wait a little bit. Is that fine?


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Thank you!

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of course

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Hey @Diamond.Heart, was wondering if you were making any progress on the pose. Not trying to rush you as I know you’re probably busy with school. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey! I’m so sorry for taking sooooooo long, but I’m almost finished! I’ll try to give you your pose tomorrow.

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It’s alright, take your time! I don’t want to rush you by any means. :joy: :two_hearts:



Character Details + Outfit:
brow:defined natural
hair: high ponytail: white
eyes: upturned bold: purple
face: oval
nose: elven
lips: classic: blush
black tanktop
leather lace boots (black)
puffer vest (black)
leather leggings (black)
Pose: (reference or description)
Can I have both of Rowans hands in the air like she would be levitating people or objects and can she have a scared look on her face
Additional Info:
Rowan has freckles
Please and thank you
and im not trying to rush you but could you please maybe give me an estimated time on when it would be done

Never mind with my request please :face_with_monocle:


I’m sorry for not giving you all your custom poses, but school was giving me a big headache and now my country decided to finally close it but things are still difficult… anyway, I need to close my shop for the time being, but if you still want them, I’ll finish all of your custom poses! I was already finishing most of them, but I couldn’t send them because of personal problems.

So, if you’re not too angry or disappointed with me, would you like me to give you you’re custom poses? I’ll send them all at least until Sunday!


Take your time. You can send mine through private message once you’re finish. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey, it’s alright! I can understand how busy school can be. If you want, you can send the custom pose to me by PM. Thanks! :see_no_evil: :purple_heart: