(CLOSED) Free drawn Pfp

                                **YEEHAW ITS CLOSED NOW** 

Hi! I’ve already open a commission 👾 Pupplegum's art commission shop [Closed atm] and since I don’t have any splashes example, I would love to make free splashes and pfp for practicing

:space_invader: I’ll choose only some of you guys, this is not a first comes, first serves.
Please be understanding! :space_invader: No thread hopping too!

[2/2] splash/outro FULL
[2/2] profile pic FULL

example of my art

I have very few examples :sob: sorry about that!

Please leave the detail you need
-your character
-genre(if needed)

I’ll like the one I’ve chose. :purple_heart:

*********Updated: I’ve already chose and probably wont take free request any soon, Thank you so much everyone!
For whom I chose, I’ll keep up with your request but it will takes time since I’ve been really busy lately. Hope you understand!


Pfp request


Same outfit as well please

Pose and expression

I would not like her arm to be holding anything, I’d just like her hands on her cheeks


Completely understand if you don’t pick this one but that’s for taking the time to look :heart::+1:

My Deets


no text or genre
skater/bad girl vibes idk :joy:
any bg if fine
any outfit is fine or the one in the pose :blush:

If you choose my character, I’d like a outro (but I’d use text overlays so without text?)


With like different vibes (one pastel and one darker) in/out the frame? If that makes sense
And a neutral expression/a hint of a smile

Anyway, you’re really good at this :sparkling_heart:

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i’d like a pfp if you choose me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


pose/ expression


instagram: @kaithelyn_writes!
and your art is beautiful!

Please leave the detail you need
-your character
character card
A sexy sassy pose, i don’t know what animations :))
“Will you love me back?”
-genre(if needed)
A dark grunge baddie

-your character




Expression: happy
Or something similar?



Follow me on IG



hey! ok I have to start off by saying your art is gorgeous!!

I am in need of a splash for my outro (like a follow me on insta kinda thing)

You can kind of do what you would like with this (since I really don’t care too much)

My details


Line one: “Thank you for reading!”
Line two: “Follow me on instagram @ameliaaepi for sneak peeks and updates!”


Pose Reference

Could you do something like this? I am lenient and don’t really mind if you change it up (but could she be looking at the camera?)


Something stylish and vacation-y like one of these please:


Could you just add freckles to her?? That’s it :grin:

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Omg wow, your art is incredible!! :heart_eyes: If you choose me, I would love a pfp!

Character Details

Outfit can be anything, maybe a sweater as a suggestion?


I’m not picky with the pose! You can choose anything you want but I left some references as well:

Expression - Your example or happy/neutral!


Vibe - Retro/Vintage
The background can be anything or a solid colour like your example!

Thank you if you choose to do mine! :blob_hearts:

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Heeeey babes!
My deets for a pfp just in case u end up choosing it :heart:

-your character

-pose/expression- Any
-text- None
-genre(if needed)- Something kinda moon-like
-vibe/bg- Nightly vibe

Cos I’m obsessed with the moon,
tehehe :grin:

If you’d like to, I’d love to receive an outro splash from you, your work is amazing!

My character

Body: Female Generic Body
Skin: Neutral 02
Hair: Bouffant Long Wavy & Light Brown
Eyes: Female Generic & Brown Dark
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Small Heart & Pink Peach Medium Matte
Brow: Arched Natural & Chestnut Brown
The whole thing:


Just kinda the vibe I’m going for, with the expression:

Or if this is easier:


text: n/a bc i’ll use it as both pfp and splash
vibe/bg: something musical and fantastical (but not super complex, just whatever you can do)

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Hello @pupplegum! Holy crap! Your art is beautiful! I would LOVE to get a profile pic if possible! :pleading_face::heartpulse: you can obviously reject my request, I totally understand…

Character Details and Clothes

Pose/ Expression

Something like this:

Vibe & background

Retro/ Minimalist? Something simple?

Hy!!! Your art is amazing…
Hair:- long curls, blue black
Skin:- rose 02
Brows:- Arched thin
Face:- defined contour
Nose:- gracian soft
Lips:- full heart pouty, pink hot matt
Character and clothes


Hey, Do you want the pastel/dark and the face expression to be inside or outside? :sweat_smile: I just need more explanation hehe

Dark inside and pastel outside :sweat_smile:

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i´m gonna send the form in some minutes!

bg and pose surf vibes please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
so thing like this if possible :sweat_smile:

wow that is amazing

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