(CLOSED) Free drawn Pfp

hi! i’d like to request a pfp!

details and outfit:

pose and expression:

background: plain white
vibe: 90’s retro :sunglasses:

I LOVE your art! I’d be so happy if you chose me :))

Hi!!! Here is a fun idea for a profile pic if ya wanna!
-your character - Female Generic Body (Neutral 02) , Arched Natural Scar (Ginger Red) , Short Wavy Asymmetrical (Ginger Red) , Female Generic (Blue Green) , Diamond , Defined Natural , Full Heart Pouty(Fair Neutral Matte)
-clothes - Open Button Up Rolled Cuffed Tucked Shirt Cottongrey White , Jeans Ripped Fish Net Denim Blue , Flat Canvas Sneakers Cotton Black White , Freckles Heavy (08-10).
-pose/expression - For the pose/expression id like you to turn my character into a clown/pennywise
-genre(if needed)
-vibe/bg - horror-ish

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Hey! Is that spot still open?

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Hi! Just wondering if you were going to make this? It’s okay if you aren’t, but I would like this fairly soon and I don’t want to thread-hop


Yes, I had a tons of homework and just have more free time now, sorry about that! I’m planning to finish your request and the others’s (@EtherealWitch @Jenaco ) in next thursday but if any of you need a request before that, feel free to cancel and let me know, thanks for asking that! :purple_heart:

Yes, you can put a detail down and I’ll choose the last pfp request @Hilo


No worries, take your time!! Thank you! :blush:

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haha don’t worry about it! I don’t need it anytime soon but I hadn’t heard from you in a bit so I wasn’t sure :heart: Thank you!!

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Hi!! Do you prefer ink or LL?

yeah, I’m not really active here hehe

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I’m fine with both!

Hey! If you haven’t started on my piece yet, could I cancel it? If you have started, I will gladly take it and use it, but if not I will just make my own :heart: thanks so much

I love your work! :heart_eyes:
When are you opening again? :sparkles:

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I have started your work already (sketch) sorry for a late reply btw!

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Thank you so much, but I don’t think I’ll open a request soon :purple_heart: sorry about that

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Hey! your request is finished, hope you like it!


Also, can I have your instagram for splash text? ( I knew you don’t need any text but it’s for my splash example )


It looks awesome :heart_eyes:
You’re great, thank you so much!!!

My ig is @aite.writes


oh ok! great haha! I would love your work, its just that I am getting ready to release my story, and I want to make sure everything is approved in time :joy: thanks so much!

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Ik this is really annoying, but could you change the hair to wavy princess braid?

Obviously you don’t have to accept it

It’s okay, thank you! :sparkles:

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Oh, when is your deadline? I’ll try to send yours in time, just don’t want to ruin your schedule :frowning:

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