>CLOSED< ~free outfits + character design~

hi guys! i’m really bored so if anyone needs or wants some outfits i can make some! i’ll also do some character designs if you need any (:
scroll to the bottom for examples <3 i’m the author of ‘aesthetic avatar creator’ so there’s a lot of outfits on there you can check out too

please just fill out this form:
for outfits
number of outfits:
outfit style:
//optional// main colors:
//optional// anything else important:

for characters
role in story:
//optional// name:
//optional// anything else important:






personality: Bubbly, Shy, Funny, Lawyer
role in story: MC
male/female/plus: Male
//optional// name: Unsure? Suggestions are welcome.
//optional// anything else important: Hates tank tops

(for above character)
number of outfits: 3
male/female/plus: Male
outfit style: Casual
//optional// main colors: Blue

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i’ll get right on that! <3



breakdown3 2


body // male generic body - gold 02
eyebrows // arched medium - deep brown
hair // medium waves natural - golden brown
eyes // deepset downturned lidded - blue green
face // triangle defined chin
nose // hooked grecian
lips // medium heart - rose light nude gloss

i hope u like it! <3

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I love this!

Thank you so much!

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yay im glad! no problem!

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Can you type them out? Cause my outfit maker is glitchy
number of outfits: 3
male/female/plus: Female
outfit style: Girly
//optional// main colors: no
//optional// anything else important: no

Please tell me if this is too much!

for outfits
number of outfits: 3
male/female/plus: Female
outfit style: bold/casual
//optional// main colors: red and black

for characters
personality: Bold/Party Animal
role in story: MC roommate
male/female/plus: female
//optional// name: Eve
//optional// anything else important: She’s Asian American

for characters
personality: Bold/Calm and reserved
role in story: MC best friend
male/female/plus: female
//optional// anything else important: She’s black

for characters
personality: Calm and reserved/Teacher’s pet
role in story: MC best friend
male/female/plus: female
//optional// anything else important: Indian

working on it rn! <3


  • baggy hoodie and shirt cotton white
  • hair bow cotton
  • uniform tennis skirt dress cotton plaid white
  • sneakers chunky rubber white pink

  • high waisted skinny jeans denim neutral white
  • 80s crop cat eye top cotton hot pink
  • small tied rabbit ear headband cotton pink
  • sneakers chunky rubber white pink

  • structure bralette top denim light white
  • ring necklace metal
  • distressed jean jacket open denim blue
  • sneakers chunky rubber white pink
  • pleated straight waistband cotton complex color (pink blush)

i hope u like them <3

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working on it!

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outfit 1-

outfit 2-

outfit 3-

character details

body // female generic body - gold 01
eyebrows // arched natural scar - black dark
hair // long half up ponytail hair - black dark
eyes // delicate almond - brown black
face // triangle chiseled
nose // defined natural
lips // small heart - red gloss

body // female generic body - rose 08
eyebrows // high arch angled - black dark
hair // wavy side curls - black dark
eyes // heavy lid upturned - hazel
face // square defined
nose // round broad
lips // full round pouty - rose dark nude gloss

body // generic female - copper 04
eyebrows // straight medium - black dark
hair // long layered side part - black dark
eyes // deepset downturned wide - brown light
face // diamond defined contour
nose // pointed downturned
lips // full heart pouty - neutral medium nude gloss

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Thank you so much! Do you need credit?

you’re welcome! and no, it’s fine but thank you for asking :slight_smile:

Thank you! How should I credit you? :slight_smile:

you’re welcome! and you don’t have to credit me

for outfits
number of outfits: 8
male/female/plus: for male
outfit style: i wouldn’t say this is a type but it’s mainly based for like a lawyer. something professional and a little casual
//optional// main colors: i don’t have a preference for any main colors
//optional// anything else important: so i have 4 guys, and there would be two outfits for each of them.

Outfits for a 5 year old character
number of outfits: 6
male/female/plus: Female soft
outfit style: Any is fine
//optional// main colors: Any
//optional// anything else important: No glasses please

working on it

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