((CLOSED))Get free art here! 🎀 Goth's art thread 🎀

Welcome back! Was so surprised to see this thread, but so happy to see more of your art! Actually looking for someone to complete an art piece, so if you have openings let me know! If your already stacked like I think you are don’t worry about it. Just so happy to see you back again!


Hey everyone! There’s no slots, just drop your request! I’m taking unlimited requests and going to try to cover ya’ll regardless although I may not be able to! I’ll reply to your messages in full in a bit!


Hiyaaa! I’ve got the piece! Ya’ll are fierce omg :pleading_face: :blob_hearts:!!! If there’s anything you’d like me to redo, make sure you let me know! Thank you for your request and for letting me draw your characters!!


TYY!! It’s good to be back AHH! I hope you like em’! Make sure you let me know if there’s anything you’d like changed and thank YOU for letting me draw your characters!!
(I love vampires-)

**Content warning for blood!!!**


I gtg for now but I’ll reply to the rest of ya’lls messages when I return!! ~Fades out of existence…


Hey @Goth So good to see that you are doing art again Especially since your art is so beautiful I loved the characters you drew for me so i have a Request!!!


She loves drawing. She loves her family. She loves her cats. Nothing is more Important to her than family. She is a little edgy In the way she dresses. she is Really sarcastic but very nice. She can come off rude as she doesn’t have a filter. She just Speaks without thinking. Just like how she acts without thinking . She is a little bit violent but overall a really good person. How always has your back and will never Betray you.


He is a Socially awkward stalker who nobody really likes. He has Been struggling with depression since he was a child He has serious separation anxiety He has no friends as he is seen as a weirdo by his peers He keeps most of his feelings to himself in fear of being judged He has very low self-esteem He has never felt real love He wants to be close to someone on a personal level But he can’t socialize properly The people around him are rude mean and cruel to him Which is why he reacts very differently to kindness and he is kind of umm crazy?


I want the looking at each other the same as the animations they are doing just looking at each other.


Like this but they have there same animations she is mad he is not

I hope that was not to confusing. :sweat_smile:


I freaking love your art so much, I adore it. And I enjoy seeing everyones request results. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

SAME! I’m literally obsessed w them. And the request you’ve just completed containing blood is so perfect, like it’s not even mine and I’m obsessed!! :sob:


:face_holding_back_tears: This looks so good @Goth
Thank you so much for this.
But, is it possible for the hairline to be closed? (the girl in black.)


I’m just here to look at some art now and then cause it’s popping :eye::lips::eye:


Thank you so so so much! I love them :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart:


I need a cover

character and outfits


Crd : ck.art and design on insta

Thank you so much!!! ^^


Hey! Can I request a cover please?

Here are the character details:


Personality- artsy, outgoing but a little shy, cautious and is always painting!


Personality - Introvert, got a little sass, hates most people


I can’t find a picture of the pose I’m looking for, but would you be able to do the LI in a painting with the MC infront of him please? maybe even him coming out of the painting a little if thats not too much?

Thank you so much! :heartpulse:


@Goth quick question. When requesting do you need the character details, or just a picture of the characters?


Hiya! Character personality details too!


Hi please feel free to use mine


Hiya! Sorry for my late response to your message! Aw thanks so much, it’s been pretty good so far! How have you been? I hope everything’s been awesome for ya’ll!! I’ve been doing pretty fine, how about you? TYSM! :revolving_hearts: :pleading_face:
That’s very very sweet of you ohmygod! But please, please feel free to request! I understand completely tho! BUT THANK YOU! I am so shocked at the amount of people who like my art!
Don’t worry, it’s hard to catch me off guard… XD
Yuppee! But that’s so considerate of you you have no idea how much I appreciate that like srsly! :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: THANK YOU!!! I’ve got wayyy better time management now and more time so that’s a win win!
THANK YOU! I couldn’t be happier to be back! Ya’ll are awesome!~<3


YAYY! Thanks endlessly! :cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom: :star_struck: Woahh like THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I’m so glad you like it omg-

(Is it proper emoji etiquette to but it before or after punctuation?)


Yayy! Thank you and I’m very happy to be back! That makes me really happy to hear oml! Don’t worry, I’m always open to requests (when the threads are open XD)! So feel free, this goes for all of you!!!

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I’m so glad to hear that, Love! :blob_hearts: It’s been alright for me. Just a bit stressful because of vocational school and work tbh, but it 's also been a great time so far! :rofl:

Sooner or later I definitely will! You know I have been obsessed with your art ever since you did my Pfp. :blob_hearts: :butterfly: (I even use the Cover you did for me as my phone wallpaper because I’m still so amazed how beautiful my Babies look there! :face_holding_back_tears:)

We are glad to have YOU back with us and you’re so welcome! :blob_hearts:


Hey gorg! your art is impeccable! :heartpulse::star_struck: i would definitely like to have one piece for myself! Here are the details!
Here is the reference pic, you can use the same clothing, same accessories (if you’d like to) but I’d like you to add a bit more tint to the lips! :two_hearts:

Reference pic

Reference pose

This would be the reference pose! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Mostly the character is like classy soft feminine, outgoing, cute and angelic, sweet and beautiful! :two_hearts::star_struck: