[CLOSED] Group - PM me for more

I am looking for some more people for my writing group. If you are interested in joining the writing group, fill out the google form and we can talk further. I can’t wait!!! PM me or DM me at jaylen_dwight if you have any questions or concerns.

Available roles:
Coder :computer:
Artist :paintbrush:
Story Planner :closed_book:
Social Media Manager :iphone:

You can choose more than one role!

Note: We already have a basic story idea. We just need to plan it and work on it
Requirement: Must have an instagram.

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I can help Write and code but in return i want you to help me write my story

Ill even give you new story’s to write i have tons of never ending ideas

I am so sorry @nerdybird , but I can’t do that

what do you want then

Feel free to PM me or DM me if you have any questions or concerns.

I can story plan! Or write! PM me the storyline you have in mind


I can be a story planner. writer, or social media planner!

I can be a social media manager and story planner.

P.S. I am a professional writer in India.

You never told me…
I am so hurt :sob::sob:

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I can be a writer, but what does a director do?

P.S. I don’t have social media and I don’t plan on having social media until i feel comfortable having it.

Lol not that kind. I write blogs for children section in magazines since I am only 15.

But still…:slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

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Sorry. There is no director position. Removing it as we speak.

Do you have an instagram account you could use? Are you against having any kind of social media?

Yes I’m against me having any kind of social media, I do not have Instagram

Also, what genre(s) is(are) your story(ies)?

Sorry, @Sienna_darling. We communicate solely on instagram…

I can be artist and coder :blush:

If you are still interested in joining my writing group, please fill out the form above (in the first post)