(CLOSED) HELP! Can someone please make me a cover for a LL story Please

Hey can someone please make a cover something similar like this but in color

Title of Story is: Unwanted Temptation
Arthur name: Jeannie Alove



Thanks I really appreciate it.

These ladies, make beautiful art.


I can :raising_hand_woman:

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Do you have some examples I can see

No, but I can make you a cover in 10 minutes and you can see if you like that, how’s that?

Yes please & thank you. I appreciate it :grinning:

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I’m so sorry this took so long, I had a little problem with my laptop

I hope you like it :+1:

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Girl i don’t like it I love it!! thank you so much this is awesome. thank you! Also how do I credit you.

Hi! I have just done my first episode and I wondered how everyone gets their covers? So if I tell you what kind of cover I’d want, you’ll make it? :sweat_smile:

I don’t know how to make them but @greenghost can.

I linked an art shop above. Check it out, the ladies make beautiful covers. :slight_smile:

Oh right! Thx :grin:

You’re welcome! And you can credit me as greenghost (from the forums or whatever) and glad I could help :hearts:

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Marked as solved and closed. Thanks!