(CLOSED) Hey, i'm Looking for an art partner! 😊

thanks for clicking on this thread.
Ok so basically I am looking for someone who i can start an art shop with. I am looking for ONLY ONE artist who can do a range of things like covers, splashes, art scenes, profile pics and can also do drawn requests as well.
If u r thinking of being my partner you need to:

  • be nice and easy to get along with.
  • be an experienced artist and b good at art.
  • be able to multitask
  • be able to do Ink AND limelight requests
  • be active every day for at least a couple of hours
  • be commited to the art shop and not drop out the next day.
  • have some free time in the day
  • not already have a lot of requests on your own thread if u have one.

Yah i think thats pretty much it.

Important note: i will only choose 1 person so if more than 1 person signs up then i will pick whos art style i like better. Pls dont take this the wrong way, everyone has different styles and that is a good thing, but if i dont pick u that doesnt mean ur art is bad, it just means your art is either too similar to my style or its not what im looking for. If u not happy with the way im picking, then pls dont comment and tell me how annoying this is :expressionless: because i have warned u in advance, so if u dont get picked and u get all rude, then its not my fault.

Other than that, i hope u consider and if u do, pls drop some examples below and tell me a little about yourselves. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Here are some of my examples:

Have a nice day xx
Melissa :wink::blush:


I’d join but idk how to contour/highlight drawings. You already know that, lol. :wink:

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I know and thanks for offering :blush::joy:plus u already have a monster waiting list :sweat_smile:

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Hey!I would like to start an art shop with you.You can see my examples right…


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Ok so i just have a few questions.

  • will u b active alot?
  • will u b committed?

As soon as u answer these Qs, i will DM u :kissing_heart: thanks :wink:

I have a lot of time so I’ll be active.
And sure, I’ll be committed :smile:

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Ok thank u, i will DM u now

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@Sydney_H could u pls close this topic? Thanks :kissing_heart:


Are you still looking for someone?

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No sorry iv found someone already, ur too late :slightly_frowning_face:

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ooo okay, you might want to change ur title to closed then haha :heart: :+1:

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O yh thanks :sweat_smile:

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley:

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