*CLOSED* I'm Making a New Thread

UPDATE: So I’ve gotten better at making covers and you know what that means! I can make covers for you guys. I’ll show some examples below! If you’re interested, fill out the form :wink:

Hello there! My name is Oceana and this is my very first art thread. Not only that, I just joined about 4 days ago so please treat me well lol. The only thing that I will be making atm is social media splashes :smiley: I’m not that experienced yet with editing so if some of my edits are not to your liking then, I’m sorry.

I will add my watermark to my edits.
I can do INK, LL, and CLASSIC.

Anyways, I’m going to stop talking and explain the rules.



  • The very first rule is be patient. I take time out of my life to make these edits for you guys so please wait patiently for your edits <3. I also don’t do digital art bc I absolutely suck at them lmao.

  • The second rule is do not start drama on my page. This page is only here so that I can create edits for you guys.

  • Third rule is if you use my splashes, please credit me. I put effort into making these, and not only that, I do it for free so please be considerate and credit me. You can credit me at my IG: @oceana.ep or my episode forum @Oceana :grin:

  • Fourth rule, if you’re not going to use my splash then please don’t request me to do it for you. Like I said before, I put effort into making these for you.

  • Fith rule (ik, a lot of rules), if you already asked another creator to make a similar splash for you, please don’t ask me to do it. I will reject it. I have the right to reject requests.

  • Sixth rule, if the request seems hard, I won’t do it. I, however, will think about it. And if you ask me in a not-so-friendly way, I won’t do it. Please use your manners :heart:


  • If I reply back to you and you don’t reply back in the next 48 hours, your request will be rejected.

  • I take about 1h-3h to make these edits (depending if you want a character in it) so please wait patiently. I will get your request to you after I’m done or tomorrow.

  • Remember I’m only starting at making these splashes so I’m not a pro. If the edit is not to your liking, I can change it for you but only for 3 times. Also, if you don’t like it, then please don’t start drama on this page. Keep your opinions to yourself.

  • I will show you my examples that I’ve made so do not use them without my permission. Also, if you want something similar to the example(s) that I’ve shown, don’t be afraid to ask.

  • Please describe fully what you want so I can do this edit for you.

  • The size that I am making the edits is going to be 640x1136!



More to come! :wink::sparkles:


Interested? Fill out the form! :wink:

Character Details

~Body Color:
~Face Shape:
~Full body, waist up, or neck up?:

I will only do 5 requests at once so please be patient until your turn. Once one of the 5 slots are open, you may request. Only request at once so it is fair to other users :slight_smile:

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
  5. Open

AMAZING WORKkkkkkkkkkkk

Is there a form to fill out if we want a splash from you, how do I describe what I want?
I’m interested, your work is amazing

Oh yes, I totally forgot about that omg sorry lol. I will be RIGHT BACK :sweat_smile:


I pm you check your pm I’m gonna delete my message

Please let me know when you have it!!!

Alright, done and ready! :blush:

"Follow me ~ Madi.eppi

Also, do you want me to tell you a background image that I want???

Yes please lol I keep forgetting to add those in :sweat_smile: Also, what outfit should your character wear?



Okay, so that’s Felix, MC, and the background. But is it possible for it to be like, most of the city, which is blurred, like your example pic. If that’s not too hard

Yes, I can blur it if you want :slight_smile:


Can you specify the color of your MC’s eyes?

Oh, REALLLLLYYYYY dark blue, sry

If you have time, I would like a outro splash
"For sneak peaks & more, check out @shadowphysic!)
Thank you!

Alright, np! :slight_smile:

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@Madi_spide @Shadow_Physic I forgot to ask how much of the body do you guys want to show? Full body, waist up, or neck and up?

Could you give me more info in your background? :sweat_smile:

Waist is fine for me