*CLOSED* I'm Making a New Thread

Also, if you would like, do you want to become my personal (only) artist???

Sorry, I made this thread intending to make edits for a lot of different people so no… sorry. Thanks for the offer though! I feel flattered :blush:

Like search up on google for “french scripts” (cause I’m extra) and could you blur the backround?


Okay lol. And do you want your character full body, waist up, or neck up? Sorry for not mentioning this earlier btw :sweat_smile:

waist up :slight_smile:

Yeah, anytime boo

Here is your edit! :grin: I hope I didn’t disappoint :sweat_smile:

I’m dying

So, my computer hates me, and only accepts double the size of images, could you try and make it like, 6,000 by 10,000 image???

Hey there @hlivx, I also just joined two days ago, and I like your work :smile:.

Sure I’ll try!

Thank you! :blush:

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Here’s yours! I hope it was up to your expectations :heart: If you use it, make sure to credit me :slight_smile:

Great! You’re amazing

Can I ask what software or app you use? If not its okay :)) btw is this for free?

I use Picsart :wink: And yes it’s free

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Is it okay if my character is in Limelight?

Yes it’s fine. Just make sure you fill in the details :smiley:

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It will take a while. Can you wait?

Of course