[Closed] Isaiah's Quick Cover arts and Edits(My new thread the arts crew go there!)



Inspired by Fast Cover Arts 2 by Bethanyk14

Here’s the form!

Author (Optional):
Images of Main Characters (Optional): Please upload the character in DIGITAL form, in HIGH quality, and in the poses you want them to be in. Use a plain white background, please.
Story Description:
Published? If not, when will it be published?:
Large Cover or/and Small Cover:
When do you need it done by?:
Mood of Cover (dark, scary, happy, bright, etc):
References; Multiple Book/Movie Covers (Optional, but very helpful):
Special Requests/Additional Information (Optional):
Instagram Username (Optional):

Be polite Or I won’t do it!
I will only edit it 3 times

Examples of my work

Please help me i ask you with all my heart :(
My story pleaseee read!
Go read my newly released story (I know you wanna) :))
Plot Twist Ideas/ Help
Can somone make me a cover and a cover art for my story
!covers needed!
My story pleaseee read!
Art needed for new story🌹

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Your art is beautiful! Did you draw it yourself?


No Though I do draw a lot!


Well I think it looks great!


This is mine!


It’s nice!




If you need A cover I’m your guy!


Hi um can I pm you for min plz


Yeah sure!


Thank you


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Not yert sorry




Title:My love
Author (Optional):Kamorie
Images of Main Characters (Optional):

Story Description: After her ex-husband leaves here and her kid bree…he comes back to get his family back…but will Liliana still want him or not find out
Published? If not, when will it be published?:soon
Large Cover or/and Small Cover:large
When do you need it done by?:As soon as posible i guess
Mood of Cover (dark, scary, happy, bright, etc):happy


K i’ll do it tomorrow!


do you only want a guy? and do you have a specific background?


Can you make the girl with the yellow dress little she is the daughter lol
Background image