[CLOSED] KylieJay’s Art Shop!🌻

Is this okay? I can change the nail color too if it’s not quite right :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! It’s perfect! :star_struck:

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You’re welcome! :revolving_hearts:

Edit: hey @scarlettm i just realized I didn’t add any shadows under the hands on the paper, it was really bothering me so I redid it and updated the overlay in my previous post. It’s still the same size, just with a little extra shading :laughing: haha so you can use whichever you prefer!


When your shop is open, please could you make me an art scene for my story?
Style: Ink
Characters: Two

These are my characters

I’d like them to be posed like this, only the girl’s expression is surprised/a little startled

The background is a rainy street at night

They’ll be positioned on the left side of the screen and scaled to a normal size

Thank you!

It says closed in the title.

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Thank you @scarlettm :slightly_smiling_face:

I can add you to my tag list for when I reopen, but that probably won’t be until at least August. I’m not reserving spots/requests anymore either so you’d have to wait until I post a reopening :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey! This is the pose you’re looking for, right? Is there anything you want changed?

Also, as I mentioned already, I’m more aware of the graininess in uploading backgrounds/art scenes. This scene in particular is going to be super grainy bc she’s small (she has to be, to be proportionally correct), so if you’re okay with it, I could draw her and put her on this background AND make a closeup version so she’ll be more clear.
I would also provide a script code that transitions from this scene to the closeup one, if you’d need that.

Just let me know what your thoughts are :blush:


Look that is is the pose , i just want her in screen center , and are you going to make a normal version and close up version correct? And for the script code , yeah sure thanks :purple_heart:


Yes, for a second picture I’m just going to crop it so it’s still 1 zone bg size, but she’ll be much closer to the camera and the details will be more crisp.
Probably take up to a week to get it all done, but feel free to check in if it’s longer than that cause I’ve been really busy lately :revolving_hearts:


Let me tell you something if we put her on the in screen center , will it make difference in the resolution?

No because she’s still small on the screen.

I could also make her as a custom pose/overlay for you to put on the screen before going to the close up art scene. Then you have 1 overlay and a background to work with instead of 2 backgrounds, if that makes sense? But it’s up to you, which ever your prefer/think will be easier :slightly_smiling_face:

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Okay the coustume pose is a very good idea :purple_heart:

Here’s two screenshots for your art scene. Check your messages with me, as I’m sending you a link to your folder where you can download all the images at a better quality :purple_heart:


I’ve officially opened commissions, and you can check out my new thread for it :point_right:t2: [OPEN!] 🌻 KylieJay’s Commissions Art Shop!🌻

You can DM me on Instagram (preferably) or message me here. Price estimates are commitment free :heartbeat:

Due to now beginning commission work, I am no longer offering free drawn art. My practicing stage is over, and all of my forms have been updated. Any requests for free drawn art will immediately be denied.

And as stated above in my OP, I will not be accepting requests until at least August due to my wedding. Thank you! :purple_heart:


(Not open yet though)

Congrats on getting married btw xoxo

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Thank you! :heartbeat:

(Still not open tho. Wedding is next week and I’m sorta dying over here :skull:)


Good luck :joy::purple_heart:

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Heh thanks :joy::joy::two_hearts:

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