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:white_heart: I’m Lilly! I’m bored in quarantine and have nothing to do so I made this page. :white_heart:

Things I do:

❀ Outfits…

❀ Characters.

❀ Character Cards

❀ Splashes







Character Cards

More coming soon!


No examples yet.

I only do limelight.
Don’t thread hop.
Don’t steal any of my outfits and pretend they’re you’re own You can obviously use them, but do not act like they are yours if you got them from my forum. Also credit if I make you something.
I have every right to decline your order.
Credit me on Instagram: @ epi.lillyy
No rushing me! It takes time to create pieces for you, please do not rush me otherwise I will cancel your request. It shouldn’t take long anyways.
Fill out the form correctly and in one post! If I see that you have left something out, I will ask you and not start until I know the full order
Do not use my work without my exact permission!
Password: Flower


Password: (Please blur it)

Character name: (Optional)


Character details:


How many outfits: (Max 6)

Any mandatory appearances: (Freckles, Moles, Scars ect) (Optional)

Any other details:


Password: (Please blur it)

Character name:

Character personality:


Any mandatory appearances: (Optional)

Any other details:

Character Cards
  • Password (Please blue it)
  • Character Name:
  • Character Details:
  • Character Outfit
  • Background:
  • Any other information:
  • Password (Please blur it)
  • Background:
  • What you want it to say:
  • Style:
  • Font: (If you do have a font chosen, I will choose one for you)
  • Any other information:

Currently Working on: (Only 3 people at a time)

Waiting List:

are you interested in making tattoos too ??

What do you mean making them?

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I meant like designing new tattoo designs rather than episode one

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No, sorry <3

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thank you!

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@Sydney_H could you please close this thread?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: