[CLOSED] Lily's Cover Art Thread

_This thread is CLOSED! Will open up a new thread sometime in late April. Please read my latest reply to this thread for further information! Edit: HERE for those people who are lazy like me lmfao _

Please read EVERYTHING under the ‘information’ tab before asking any questions. I will not reply to questions that have already been answered.

Hello! My name’s Lily, although some of you may know me as @coverology. I was a cover art designer from Instagram, although I’ve deleted my account there due to personal reasons. However, I sort of missed making covers lmao so I’ve decided to open a thread on the forums, due to recommendations from several people! This is my first time on the forums so any help is appreciated haha. You can check out my mini portfolio from 2016-2017 from when I was still active on Instagram.

Please read all of this thoroughly to avoid any misunderstandings!


-Due to my heavy schedule, I will only have 5 slots open. This means that if these five slots are filled, I will not accept anymore requests. However, once a slot is empty, you’re free to request!
-A cover can take from a few hours to a few days to make, usually ranging from 1-3 days unless I’m particularly busy.
-It will not be first come, first serve - I’ll only accept projects that really pique my interest, so if you want a cover, make sure to try and make it interesting! :wink:
-Please do not thread hop, aka request a cover from me if you’ve requested one from someone else. I know you might want a couple of options, but editors put so much thought and effort into their edits and it’s really discouraging if you don’t end up using our cover in the end.
-If I’ve contacted you about a cover and you haven’t answered in 48 hours, your request will be canceled. :sweat_smile:
-If I have to do both small and large covers, it’ll take a bit longer, so please keep that in mind!
-I use the phone app Enlight, and occasionally Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, to edit.
-I will not watermark my covers, and I don’t ask for credit, although it’s incredibly appreciated.
-I do not do redo’s once the cover is finished, sorry!
-Please keep in mind that I am a student, and will prioritize any schoolwork and personal projects over requests, although I will make sure to work on your cover as soon as possible.

There are several cover styles you can choose from. Please choose only 1 (one) when requesting. If I think a certain style will suit your cover better, I’ll inform you, and we can discuss it, although eventually it’s your call.


Episode Character Style: A regular style with episode characters on it. Usually the most common style.

Real Life Characters Style: A style with real life people, my personal favorite. ^^ Good for ‘serious’ stories.

Text based style: A style that is mainly centered on the text, although real life characters / Episode characters can be added.

You can check out more examples of my cover art in my portfolio, linked above!

Please reply to this thread with the request form below filled. Any images can be sent through private message. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required. I will not read any requests that are sent in when slots are filled.

How to Request

*Author Name:
*Story Name:
*Story Genre:
*Brief description of story:
*Cover Style:
*Size of cover: SMALL / LARGE / BOTH
*Style (if Episode Character Style, if not leave blank): INK / Limelight / Classic
*Character details (if any, if not leave blank):

If any of these say empty, you’re free to request! If not, please wait until one of them is. T-T


in the process of selecting! ppl chosen will be updated and DM’ed

[1] empty
[2] empty
[3] empty
[4] closed
[5] closed

That’s all from me~! I hope I did this right lmao. Feel free to also ask questions if you have any!

Thank you,
✩Lily :sunny:


@LilyG what do u use to edit?

I use Enlight on my phone, although also Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 occasionally! ^^

Kk thank

You have beautiful art! :heart:

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Thank you!!! <3

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I love your work - it’s brilliant and thank your opening this thread :heart:

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Uh oh spaghettioh, my author name is Dreamer btw :blush:

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Alright~! You’ve taken a slot. I’ll start once I receive your character details! :smile: Thank you, and no worries lol!

Ah thanks, I’ll send them your way :smile_cat:

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Dear Lily I sent a PM you with information for a cover, as I don’t want to clutter your topic. :blush:


Thanks for the thoughtfulness haha, I’ll check it out now! <3

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It’s been sent now :slight_smile: Thank you so much.

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GREAT ARTWORKS :two_hearts:
I’m so in love with those masterpieces :sob: I’m not requesting anything for now, keep up the good work!


Aaaah you’re so sweet, thank you so much!! :revolving_hearts::two_hearts::sparkling_heart::revolving_hearts: ;-;

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Wow, these are amazing :heart_eyes: I especially love the real life character covers! They’re the type of covers I like for my stories :two_hearts:


Author Name: Katiekate
Story Name: My Strength
Story Genre: Drama
Brief description: Life has never been simple for Eden. There is only one person in the world who can keep her happy. What happens when someone new enters her life. Will that number multiply?
Cover style: Episode character cover
Size of cover: Small and Large please
Style: Ink
Character details: I’ll send in DM
Tagline: None
Extras: Eden is the main character and Gabi is her four-year-old daughter. Layton is the guy who Eden is going to date so if you could get all of them on at least one of the covers that would be amazing!

Your covers look amazing! You are so talented x

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Author name: Megha
Story name: Diary Of an Indian Girl
Story genre: Romance
Description: Nivii’s the Indian girl. Never aloud to go to sleepovers or the parties. With Drama in her life how will she survive a new year at school?
Cover style: 1
Size of Cover: Both
Style: INK
Charatcer details:

Tagline: Being an Indian girl is not as easy as it seems

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Aaah thank you!!! <3

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Alright, you’ve claimed a spot!! ^^ I’ll start working on it once you’ve sent me the character details. <3