[CLOSED] Looking for a coder and possible artist! (Willing to pay)

So a little about me, I’m a full-time university student and I work part-time as an intern at my university. I’ve always liked writing and have recently come around to writing my own original characters and stories, and I think I am ready to put that onto Episode!

This being said, I’m more focused on writing and would love if I had a coder and a potential artist (for covers/art scenes, may not need this as consistently as the coder though) to help me out.

I accept both paid and unpaid offers, as I do have the budget to pay, however I will also accept anyone willing to help for free if you absolutely want. As a preview of what I need, I am planning around 42 episodes (give or take) split into 2 seasons, and for the art I will need a cover for the book, some art scenes (maybe around 5 per season so 10 in total but this is flexible).

If you need to be paid as a coder, please list your rates below per episode! I’m not sure of the line count yet but at least tell me what you usually require from one episode. If you need to be paid as an artist, please list your rates below as well based on how much it would cost me to get one piece of artwork from you!

If you are okay with not being paid for your work, I will give you credit for what you did and please state below if you work for free.

I would also love it if you could provide samples of your coding/art so I could look through and make my final decision based on what I need!

Thank you in advance and I am looking forward to working with you!

EDIT: I have been receiving numerous offers, so first of all, thanks for that! I will officially decide things once this post is 6 hours old (5:33 PM CDT). Please do not feel bad if I end up not choosing you, I do look through every offer I’ve received and I am grateful for the support everyone is willing to give me!


Hello there!

Welcome back to the Episode Forums! I would love to be of assistance. I’ve been coding on Episode Interactive for over five years now. I do have a bunch of stories, but they’re all unpublished for now.

I do have a big thread here on the Forums, where I’ve offered most of my services. It’s a good way to get a feel of how I do things!

As stated in my thread, I do code entire episodes. I only use Papyal, and they go for 25$ a chapter, it includes templates, overlays, and whatnot. I’m not an artist, but I do create edits and covers (most examples are available on my thread).

There’s a dealbreaker, though. I only code other Episode stories using other author’s accounts. This means I only strike deals with those who don’t use their main Gmail for their Portal account (the only exceptions are with people who absolutely trust me, and don’t mind). Any other way is too much of a hassle for me.

So here you have my offer! Let me know what you think! Any questions are welcome.

hi, i’m an artist and i do commissions at affordable prices. you can see more of my stuff here.

my prices


Hello! I’m totally willing on giving you my email for this account (which I realize now I can’t change), just as long as you don’t look through my personal purchases or something haha. PayPal also works as a payment method for me, and you being a Miraculous fan (I’m assuming from your profile picture) is a bonus! I’ll come back to you if I wish to work with you as I am looking through all the offers I have gotten so far ^^

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Hello! I love your prices and style!! I’m looking through other offers as well so I’ll come back to you if I decide to work with you ^^

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You won’t have to worry about me snooping around, you have my word! As for Miraculous, yes, I am quite literally a mega fan! Good to meet someone who likes that show too!

And of course, take your time! I hope that, either way, you find what you’re looking for!

Hii. I do both of the things (coding and arts). If you are still looking.

In this thread you can find the examples of my coding and the price will be 12$ per chapter includes everything other then the dialogue. (Only coding)

In this one you can find the examples of my art and the prices as well :blush:

Hello, so I’m closing this thread since I got way more responses than I initially thought I would and have chosen a coder and artist to help me. Thanks to everyone who was willing to help out and I wish you luck on your other projects as well!

I can’t actually “close” this thread but I won’t be accepting new offers ^^

You can just edit your post and write closed or solved :smile: