~CLOSED~ My new writing group! <3

Hey there! I am looking for some people for my writing group. If you are interested in joining this writing group, reply to this post with the role you want. I don’t really care about being active but you at least need to be on every week or so. YOU WILL NEED DISCORD: https://discord.gg/FD33GbQ
Available roles:
Coder :computer:
Writer :pencil2:
Director :clapper:
Beta Reader :open_book:
Artist :paintbrush:
Story Planner :notebook:
Character Designer :woman_artist:

You can choose more than one role.
Character designers are LivLoveDance7, Chay, and me (zoe4564)
Writers are Chloe_LeAnn_Wilfawn, Lacie, and EpisodeWriter202
Beta readers are Lacie, Fetus (need at least 1-2 more)
Artists are Eva123, Aaliyah.writes, SilverStar (need 1 more someone who can draw preferably)
Story planners are Slay, viva-la-revolucion (need some more)
Coders are FreakyEvilMargs, Fetus (need more)


One question, why did you copy and paste what i wrote about the roles?
and used the same? emojis

Hi, with artist, do you mean for drawn stuff or for backgrounds, overlays, splashes, etc. Because I do that stuff but I don’t do drawn things

Can I be the character designer?

Maybe she had no idea what do put and you had many good ideas? Lol

I did not I actually wrote my own and grabed emojis I liked

I would like to be a Writer. The thing that inspires me is to connect to people’s lives and let my creativity flow .And I want to help make a great story!!!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Yes I mean draw stuff but you can pick backgrounds and overlays

Ok you can be writer. Quick question for you. Can you code and do you have good ideas, you don’t need to code I’m just wondering

Sure just know that we will try to have a few designers including me.

Character designer. I love making new characters and picking outfits. So if you need help with those things I’d be happy to help

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Writer or Character Designer. I’m not that experienced with writing, so Character Designer may be better for me. I love creating characters, and making outfits for them, and I love writing.

Writer :smiley: I write on wattpad before and I really enjoy writing my imagination :smiley: or even Character Designer or Beta Reader :smiley:

Ok LivLoveDance7 is also a character designer so you need to be able to collabrate and make decisions easily

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Ok you can also be a writer and beta reader I need a few writers and readers and I already got my designers.


Hi I already have 3 character designers Chay LivLoveDance7 and me. Sorry

Okay, then I can do background, overlays, splashes, etc. for you

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Hi! I loved your post and I was wondering if I could be a writer on your team…

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Thank you <3

I can direct code and write! I really like all of them