~CLOSED~ My new writing group! <3


Hey there! I am looking for some people for my writing group. If you are interested in joining this writing group, reply to this post with the role you want. I donโ€™t really care about being active but you at least need to be on every week or so. YOU WILL NEED DISCORD: https://discord.gg/FD33GbQ
Available roles:
Coder :computer:
Writer :pencil2:
Director :clapper:
Beta Reader :open_book:
Artist :paintbrush:
Story Planner :notebook:
Character Designer :woman_artist:

You can choose more than one role.
Character designers are LivLoveDance7, Chay, and me (zoe4564)
Writers are Chloe_LeAnn_Wilfawn, Lacie, and EpisodeWriter202
Beta readers are Lacie, Fetus (need at least 1-2 more)
Artists are Eva123, Aaliyah.writes, SilverStar (need 1 more someone who can draw preferably)
Story planners are Slay, viva-la-revolucion (need some more)
Coders are FreakyEvilMargs, Fetus (need more)


One question, why did you copy and paste what i wrote about the roles?
and used the same? emojis


Hi, with artist, do you mean for drawn stuff or for backgrounds, overlays, splashes, etc. Because I do that stuff but I donโ€™t do drawn things


Can I be the character designer?


Maybe she had no idea what do put and you had many good ideas? Lol


I did not I actually wrote my own and grabed emojis I liked


I would like to be a Writer. The thing that inspires me is to connect to peopleโ€™s lives and let my creativity flow .And I want to help make a great story!!!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Yes I mean draw stuff but you can pick backgrounds and overlays


Ok you can be writer. Quick question for you. Can you code and do you have good ideas, you donโ€™t need to code Iโ€™m just wondering


Sure just know that we will try to have a few designers including me.


Character designer. I love making new characters and picking outfits. So if you need help with those things Iโ€™d be happy to help


Writer or Character Designer. Iโ€™m not that experienced with writing, so Character Designer may be better for me. I love creating characters, and making outfits for them, and I love writing.


Writer :smiley: I write on wattpad before and I really enjoy writing my imagination :smiley: or even Character Designer or Beta Reader :smiley:


Ok LivLoveDance7 is also a character designer so you need to be able to collabrate and make decisions easily


Ok you can also be a writer and beta reader I need a few writers and readers and I already got my designers.


Hi I already have 3 character designers Chay LivLoveDance7 and me. Sorry


Okay, then I can do background, overlays, splashes, etc. for you


Hi! I loved your post and I was wondering if I could be a writer on your teamโ€ฆ


Thank you <3


I can direct code and write! I really like all of them