~CLOSED~ My new writing group! <3

Can I be the story writer? I have got a couple of awesome stories on my mind!

I could be the story planner or the writer :kissing:

I ave this go best idea s is what my friends think… I’d be a good writer. I can code & direct.

Sure you can just know that you will need to have great ideas and be on alot

Ok I need a coder and director which one would you like to be

Ok you can be story planner

Sorry I have more than enough writers but you could be a story planner that pitches ideas

Coder… thanks! But if we have no director, I’ll be glad.


I understand But yay!

Do you still need any artists because if so I can help you.

Yes I need some who can possibly draw you can also even do backgrounds and overlays

Yes I can I do art scenes backgrounds and overlays

ok great

Hi, I’d like to be in this group but I guess I’m kinda a ‘newbie’. I can’t really draw and not sure how good I am at coding. Anyway, just let me know if you want me seen as I’m a ‘newbie’ then I’ll decide which role I want (if you don’t mind having me).

Nevermind I think we may be in different time zones.

Hi sorry I have been so busy with homework at school and evening at school right now I don’t care about time zones

Hi I don’t mind having you I’m a newbie too. You can help with whatever you want and the other members will help you

Hi, I’m laughing so hard right now as I asked a few people about groups as I thought it was different time zones for most of them… You’ve just said yes I applied for one a while ago and someone else said yes. I’ll let you know what’s going on when I figure it out. :slight_smile:

Sorry if this caused any inconvienience.