CLOSED! My overlay won't show up! :(

The title says it all! I’m coding & my overlay in the background won’t show up :sob: (the overlay is supposed be the back seats of a car)

is there something wrong with the coding? pls help! (also don’t mind her clothing i haven’t changed it yet :joy:)

@overlay INT. LUXURY SUV - BACK - DAY opacity 1 in 0

add it under the create command

it still won’t work ughhhh :persevere:

where is your background? Add it at the very top of your overlay commands, if you don’t have it there.

Also, when u have yr overlay in the scene, go to Change overlay, and the overlay should be highlights for you to move in the scene, so when it is in the scene, copy the code and paste it in your script.

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the overlay was supposed to be the background, and it worked at one point but then it stopped working.

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No, u need to add a background in, then the overlay should be shown. If this is a car overlay that you’re using.

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okay ill try that rn!

i tried just a plain black background, but its not working

Use a different background, any other background besides INT. BLACK - DAY. Overlays don’t work with that specific background.

Also, you need to use the create command or add the overlay next to the background name.


it still wont work omggggg !! :joy:

i’ll check out your form rn though!

Use this background instead because that background has an overlay built into it.


Please read the guide I posted. It tells you all the information about adding overlays. If you use the create command, you have to add the opacity command and set it to 1 to make the overlay appear. When you use the create command, the overlay’s opacity is set to 0 by default which makes the overlay invisible. That’s why you need to manually add the opacity command and set it to 1 to make it appear.


thank you! im reading your guide rn and its really helpful!


OMG OMG OMG!!! THANK UU SOOO MUCH UR A LIFESAVER! your website is amazinggggggg and so are uu! :triumph: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:


You’re welcome! Glad it’s working!

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hey! sorry for bothering uu, but you helped me out a lot yesterday and i had another question about coding :pleading_face:

so I’ve been adjusting my speech bubble size and its position. but now every time when i have dialogue i have to move it, before it automatically had a perfect size and all i had to do was move it. but now i have to keep adjusting the size and where it is, instead of it automatically being the right size and going to the person who’s talking. is there a way to reset the speech bubble? or am i just going to have to adjust it every time?

thank uu sm! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (also i tried looking on your website but couldn’t find a specific answer. btw ur website has helped me out A LOT with a ton of questions or mishaps I’ve had with coding! :yellow_heart:)

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@speechbubble reset

omg thank uu! i can’t read apparently :woman_facepalming:t4:

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