{CLOSED} Need 7 girls for my latest story Impact's character contest

Link for entering: Character Contest

I’m currently holding a character contest for my latest story IMPACT:

Author: Alia Raven
Title: Impact
Genre- Action/drama

Fill out the forms and reply.

“Impact Contest”


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Can I be an assassin? I applied in a form! Also, I forgot to put what colour my character’s eyebrows were so just to clarify they’re a sort of brown colour thanks!

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Hi, so I just sent out a form. Also, if this story will have swear words, please don’t make my character swear or do drugs, or any of that stuff. I’m the type of girl who likes to stay out of trouble. Also, I want to be one of the best friends. Thanks!

i did mine (Mia Eddison) and i just wanted to let you know i’m a best friend lol